7th December 2009

“I agree that the discussion of religion should be left in the hands of theologians, as only they are experts on the subject. Similarly, the discussion of Klingon customs and language should be left in the hands of Trekkies.”


10 Responses to “7th December 2009”

  1. The Heretic Says:

    Yeah, and maybe only stupid people should be able to discuss stupidity?

  2. Terence Meaden Says:

    What is worse, people actually get degrees and doctorates in theology, which includes the very top universities—that is to say, they get a doctorate in ignorance and fraud!!!

    Knowing the answer in advance, I once asked a theology student about her study of “all the religions that she must be undertaking!?”

    “Oh, but no”, she said “When we say we are studying theology, we only mean the christian religion.”

    Yes, so theologians are biased “experts”.
    Yes, it is a study in ignorance.
    Yes, it is a subject where theologian ‘peers’ should not be the lecturers and examiners if it is to be proper theology. Atheists are best suited to teach proper theology because then only the truths would get to be taught.

    Try checking out

  3. tech Says:

    What did you study Terence.?Was it the study of ignorance.?

  4. PEB Says:

    I agree with Terence. If you are going to study Theology then surely you have to cover all the religious bases. It’s a bit like studying history and excluding certain centuries.
    However, if you can get a degree in Greek mythology then I don’t see any reason why you can’t get one in theology.

    PEB. (MA in fairies, Jesus & Santa)

  5. tech Says:

    The study of Theology does take in all Religions. JESUS what a precious name.

  6. Holysmokes Says:

    Does the study of theology require the assumption of a god, or is one allowed to successfully study it with an “outside looking in” frame of mind? In other words, using the same kind mindset that a respectable scientist would use prior to researching an area of interest? With no assumptions and no predisposed notions? Are they allowed to investigate basic questions such as the validity of a higher power in the first place, or does that negate the whole concept of theology?

  7. tech Says:

    Some people come on this sight acting like they are forced to believe in something against their will.We were given a free will lets use.In america at least we still have some freedoms. Holysmokes asked a question.Well to answer your question Holysmokes:I think everyone has questions on any study that they undertake.But if your talking about our maker,then to understand him completely you would have to be is equal.May the LORD bless you all.

  8. Holysmokes Says:

    I don’t quite follow you Tech. I don’t know much about about theologians, or getting a degree in Theology. I am asking if a person MUST believe in a higher power before being allowed to study for a degree in theology? If a belief is not required, can hard questions be asked and scientific methods be used to pursue factual truth while the student is enrolled in this degree program?

  9. John Says:


    As long as you follow and believe what the preachers tell you. Never step out of the subject or ask any factual questions that are not already preapproved by the church or the preachers in control.

  10. Holysmokes Says:

    Well John, where I come from, higher education is all about learning and discovering facts with the intent of getting at the truth. The scenario you describe, doesn’t seem to fit with higher learning. Can anyone on Tech’s side of the discussion explain this discrepancy?