12th December 2009

“Although some visions of an Islamic state do allow more space for freedom and democracy than others, the underlying problem is still the same: an anti-libertarian assumption that linking the state with religion is both legitimate and necessary.”

Brian Whitaker

2 Responses to “12th December 2009”

  1. John Says:

    The islamic state’s down fall is the way it suppresses human freedoms and the “watermelon seed” effect will once again surface to thwart this religions death grip on the throat of all these basic human freedoms.

  2. solomon Says:

    Dear John,
    How do you classified basic human freedom.Is it to satisfies one’s lusts or desires, if that ‘s what you have in mind.Mosts of mans lusts or desires will only destroys basic human freedom.Theres no throat gripping practices in Islam if you really study.Islamic way of life is the most perfect or conducive practice that is fair & justs to every not to say human,but to every being or thing.The only thing it supresses is lusts or inhumane desires which usually connected to injustice,betrayal & many other forms of inequality.