26th December 2009

“There is only one reason why creationists do not appear in peer-reviewed journals, and that has nothing to do with authoritarian scientists who prefer to shut out their arguments. It is because their 'evidence' is non-existent, their methodology is risible and they offer no testable hypothesis.”

John Clinch

8 Responses to “26th December 2009”

  1. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    So science journals are only open to scientific papers? How rude of them!

  2. Holysmokes Says:

    Soooo, ASSUMNG there is a god, and then twisting all available evidence to point in that direction, is not scientific??? My goodness!

  3. Holysmokes Says:

    Reply to Solomon from the 24th. I am absolutely amazed at your comments! First, where is the authority that says your “old book” is the word of god? Let me guess, it’s written within the book itself correct? I am unaware of another external source other than the whims of the believers, just like the Christian bible. Don’t you find it more than a little convenient that both of these collections of “old books” have no external verification? You ramble on about how wonderful this book is, how eloquently it was penned, yet you fail to offer a shred of credible evidence regarding the validity of a higher power. You are amazed by a book which was obviously written by humans. You are in awe over a book! A book Solomon. Think about that for a second.

    Any logical person would require evidence, not the talented verbiage of a human author. Simply because he proclaims his writings to be the word of a god, hardly makes it so. Evidence, evidence, evidence! Find some real evidence regarding the validity if a god and you will have my full undivided attention. Following an old book, written by superstitious authors, is simply not logical. Watching people kill, torture and maim other humans from reading it is also not logical.

    I have an idea Solomon. Why don’t Muslims and Christians learn to get along with each other? Now there is an idea I can live with. I also notice that your religion seems to attack, Hindus. You claim that people are reading your book incorrectly. If this “old book” is so wonderful, then why is that happening? Obviously it is so poorly written that people can interpret many meanings from it, just like the Christian bible

    Muslims and Christians should learn to get along with each other. Yet you don’t and likely never will. All because of a few few old books. If people are going to be foolish enough to swallow religious dogma, then they should at least learn, “tolerance.” They should also admit their religion may not be correct, due in large part because of the poorly written documents they are forced to try interpreting. Your “old book” is hardly amazing Solomon, but it is very scary. Very scary indeed.

  4. John Says:

    If I had to sit and bounce my head up and down 5 times a day while rope learning something that and old preacher forced into my head…. I would willingly kill too!!!

  5. solomon Says:

    Dear John,
    There is no forcing at all in Islamic teachings.After all the teachings have been make known to one,they themselves should analyze,weigh it.But if they still deny after truth have come to them,the danger is upon themselves.The evil or ill thought is within yourself,as you have shown it.Its because you have’nt bounce your head up and down 5 times a day

  6. solomon Says:

    Dear Holysmokes,
    All you always do is guessing.That’s the pinciple the Atheist always hold to.Theres no guessing in Islam.Its clear,with knowledge & evidence.And the abundence of evidence that the atheists heart always deny.They are the sick in the heart lots.As I’ve said earlier if the old book is written by men,produce a single verse as close as the qoran.You will not be able to.Why?Because its the word of god who knows everything.Initially the verses are not arranged in chronology as what you see of the qoran today.Each verse are poured into the hearts of Mohammad from time to time.See how it finally amazingly fits into the old book like a big jigsaw puzzle.In fact the 1st. verse of god to Mohammad is now contain in the 30th chapter of the Qoran,not at the 1st. verse of the 1st. chapter .Holysmokes, don’t just make a guess or some wild statements on something that you have no knowledge in it.One simple evidence is how Mohammad have been made known by god that humans originate from the sperm 1500 years ago where the europeans are in the dark ages.Where there are no electron microscope to proof it.Why these words have been proven true now.Cite me any other old books that says so if youre the man of truth.Even tons of evidence is brought before you, you will then say.This is pure sorcery.Hindus are just a group of people more stupid than one can imagine.They carved their own god & then worshipped them.It’s suppose to be the other way round ain’t it.Its god who should have carved them.Its not the qoran that is poorly laid down.Its the nonbelievers who have poorly interpret it.Why?Because they did’nt read it with an open heart.Each verse they interpret seems to make their chest more narrower.

  7. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Hearts don’t deny evidence. Brains evaluate evidence. The problem is your standard of evidence is the same as 7th century desert dwellers which is to say, no standard at all. You believe solely because someone told you an angel dictated it to some guy. If that constitutes proof to you, well, good luck with that. Don’t expect such proofs to have an impact on those that demand verifiable and reproducible proof.

  8. solomon Says:

    Dear CaptainZero1969 ,
    You are not looking for verifiable and reproducible proof at all. You are denying every piece of evidence of truth that is brought before you all these while. Why are you keeping silent on every question pose by the so called 7th century desert dwellers if youre the man of truth. You have no answers at all to deny gods words and thats a fact. Can your brain evaluate what is happening behind the nearest stars? Without knowledge being told by god your brain can’t possibly do that can it? Your brain is a very weak instrument. It can’t evaluate the mysteries that only god knows of it.