2nd January 2010

“If all that we now know and all the demonstrable benefits of secular thought are not enough to dissuade the faithful, then it's hard to see what shattering revelation or cogent argument ever will.”

Michael Coulter

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  1. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    A very well put and timely quote considering some of the, er, interesting ideas that have been advanced here lately. I’m with Mr. Coulter that there are many who are simply beyond the reach of what I would consider reasoned discourse. It’s almost as though both sides have a different understanding of the language, so little common ground there is between them.

  2. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Today in AllahLand:

    “Pakistan Blast Leaves 88 Dead”

    Contrary to another opinion expressed here, I think it is reasonable to think that this disgusting act by a very sincere believer was at least partially motivated by his Islamic faith. It was most certainly supported by his book.

  3. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Sorry – today we get a two-fer:

    “Man With Axe Attempts Attack On Mohammed Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard”


  4. John Says:

    Mohammad and his style of faith should be feed to the pigs in the pig pen. They have taken hate to the highest level. All Kurt Westergaard is, is a cartoonist and his tools are drawings and words. With all the latest proselytizing from the “cult of peace” I kind of guess heaven is about to run out of virgins and boys.

  5. Oxymoronic Christhinker Says:

    If you are a war-mongering practitioner of holy violence, you can easily find support for this in your sacred literature of choice. If you are a peace-loving practitioner of holy non-violence, you can easily find support for this in your sacred literature of choice. It is probably unfair to judge an entire class of people based on the actions of what is, statistically speaking, a small proportion of the whole. However, it should also be recognized that far to few religionists (though many do) speak out against the reprehensible theologies and disgusting actions of their co-religionists loudly and consistently; and even when they (we) do, they (we) spend far to much of their (our) effort engaging in apologetics for their (our) faiths, when they (we) should be acknowledging that these demonic and despicable acts are, indeed, sanctioned by those passages in their (our) sacred books that they (we) don’t like to talk about. WE RELIGIONISTS OF ALL FAITHS OUGHT TO CONDEMN THESE ACTS UNEQUIVOCALLY AND IN THE STRONGEST TERMS POSSIBLE and ACKNOWLEDGE THAT IT IS WE RELIGIONISTS OF ALL FAITHS THAT BEAR THE FAR LARGER BURDEN OF BLAME as well as the RESPONSIBILITY TO CLEAN UP OUR MESS and HEAL THOSE WE HAVE WOUNDED and without CYNICALLY USING THE OCCASION FOR SELF-SERVING APOLOGETICS. To do anything other than this is to engage in the same sort of RELIGIOUSLY MOTIVATED HATRED and IDOLATRY as those who engage in HOLY WAR or JIHAD in the NAME OF OUR GOD (or YHWH, or Allah, or Christ, or Buddha, etc…).

    Why are so many believers so worried about converting and/or condemning atheists when what we should be doing is condemning and/or converting or even destroying the evil within us? GIVE IT A REST (yes, I’m talking to you tech and Solomon)!!! Engage ATHEISTS AND OTHER PEOPLE OF GOOD WILL as equals, equally entitled to the same RIGHTS and, yes, RESPONSIBILITIES as you. Stop dismissing the actions of your (our) fellow believers as aberrations and accidents and HEAR and LISTEN to what non-believers are saying. STOP WITH THE ANTI-EVOLUTIONARY and ANTI-SCIENCE idiocy and GET WITH THE PROGRAM – JOIN THE 21st CENTURY ALREADY IN PROGRESS! If you do not, then YOU ARE GUILTY OF IDOLATRY and no “shattering revelation” from GOD HIM/HER/ITSELF or “cogent argument” from anyone else will get through your thick Neanderthal skull (apologies to any Neanderthals out there) and dislodge you from your WILLFUL IDOLATRY.

    The quote is perfect. Apologies for overuse of CAPS. Hope you had a Happy New Year. And have a nice day. 🙂

  6. Susan Ingram Says:

    I like the quote there a certain amount of ‘ I give up’ about it that I can relate to just now.

  7. Holysmokes Says:

    I think it will take a range “massive discoveries” by science to get many of these people to truly stand up and start questioning their beliefs. Perhaps something as far-fetched as going back in time to the days of Mohammed, or Jesus would suffice.

    It is doubtful that and discovery I can ever imagine will convince the fanatics out there.

  8. Holysmokes Says:

    Sorry, that last sentence should have said: It is doubtful that ANY discovery I can ever imagine will convince the fanatics out there.

    Typo …typo ….typo…..

  9. PEB Says:

    No scientific breakthrough will ever be enough. Religious types can see dinosaur bones with their own eyes and still believe god created earth. They can see family and friends ravaged by illness and still believe it’s part of gods plan.
    I remember reading about a church congregation killed when their church roof collapsed. I bet they rebuilt it.

  10. Holysmokes Says:

    You may be right PEB, but I was a stereo-typical, non-practicing Christian who starting comparing science with religion several decades ago. The drawback of being raised a Baptist. As a teenager, science eventually won out. I think everyone has a line they cross when common sense regarding evidence finally takes over.

    I do agree that many will never give up their faith under any circumstances. The point at which science eventually causes a massive exodus from religion will be interesting indeed. We should start a website with a “betting pool” to see who can best predict what scientific event will tip the scales.

  11. PEB Says:

    Science can’t prove god doesn’t exist (you can’t prove a negative) but it can keep solving mysteries normally attributed to god.
    The burden of proof rests in gods hands and he’s a bit on the quiet side.
    Any theists care to give one snippet of proof that god exists? (a real example please based on facts).
    I read on a christian website that the devil planted fossils in order to trick humans into thinking god doesn’t exist. Funny.

  12. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    If the Devil left the fossils, that’s deceitful. If God, who could easily have removed them didn’t, then he was obviously OK with the deception. So, this proves God is deceitful.

  13. PEB Says:

    I don’t think they really thought it through 🙂
    A typical theist trait!

  14. tony cynic Says:

    Good quote, not the same as the one I got in my e-mail tho. Anyone else the same?

  15. tony cynic Says:

    What are your thoughts on the “Man With Axe Attempts Attack On Mohammed Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard” story.
    Your religious leaders have said to kill this man, your holy book says peace to all. (so you say)
    What are muslims doing to overthrow all your imams that preach hate. Yours does not look like a religion of peace and will not until you clean your own holy houses first.

  16. solomon Says:

    There you are all Atheist,
    You keep on babbling with your words to defy god. Only words without concrete points & to hell you all will succeed. Only the same lousy words you keep on repeating. Out of idea ? All of you are sick in the heart lots. You all will know when your life is near your throat, when its too late to turn back. Who do you turn to when your ship is near sinking? Who would you turn to when your head is in the lions mouth. At that point everybody will turn to God, even if youre an atheist & don’t try to deny it.
    Its a wasting of time reading all your comments. You all are only caught up with all the fantasies within your circle & will end up nowhere except hell. No amount of reasoning or advice will make you turn into the right path. The job of the religionist is to sponsor truth & thats what I’ve done & the rest is your choice to take the risk & danger of not being a believer. Later in hell don’t complain that nobody have told you before. My final advice. Hell is real. Get back to god. Those who don’t will surely regret.

  17. tony cynic Says:

    Thank you for your well thought out and considered reply to my question. I am convinced your religion is right, how do I join mongoose hatstand gibber.

  18. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    So all you’ve got is empty threats of non-existent bogey-men to amuse us with. You say you’ve got evidence but all you ever show up with are emotional threats that mean less than nothing to a rational mind.

    In the end, all you’ve got is a poorly written old book and threats threats threats. Pathetic and juvenile.

  19. Holysmokes Says:

    Let’s say I drew a picture, called it Mohammed and put it in my local newspaper. Solomon, you are my next door neighbor. Would you come over and try to kill me? A simple yes or no will do.

  20. solomon Says:

    Dear Holysmokes,
    Your question is very simple & straighforward one. For a firm believer & one who fear & follow gods rules a good advice to my neighbor will just be sufficient. Why would I be wielding around with some weapon to kill my neighbor.That is not the religion what I’ve learn all this while. That is only the wild atheist thought that they have been skeptic all this while.

  21. solomon Says:

    To all the Atheist,
    Here are some excerpts of the Qoran that describes the unbelievers behaviour so that the viewers can analyse the truth of gods words;

    1. We place shields around their minds, to prevent them from understanding it, and deafness in their ears. And when you preach your Lord, using the Quran alone, they run away in aversion.

    2. The one who hears GOD’s revelations recited to him, then insists arrogantly on his way, as if he never heard them. Promise him a painful retribution.

    I would like to add to the disbelievers behaviour. They always request for evidence despite abundence of evidence that they see around them. They seek evidence in a form of an idol. Can the viewers see how their minds deceive them. Not everything that exist must be in solid or visible form. The gravity, the magnetic field, the wind for example is invinsible yet we can feel & assure of its existence. Thus the existence of god is through its wondrous creations. Well as always the Atheist won’t buy this. They are just the sick in the heart bunch.