20th February 2010

“There is a book widely available in Britain that openly incites hatred of gay men. They are, it says, 'an abomination' and 'shall surely be put to death'. The book is Leviticus – a holy text for millions of people worldwide.”

The Observer

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  1. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    My first thought was “Duh. Solid reporting, Masters of the Obvious.” but I decided it couldn’t have been so trite and looked for the article. I’m glad I did because the actual article shows the serious issues the U.K. is dealing with, largely as a result of religions trying to use the courts to shield themselves from criticism.


  2. solomon Says:

    Got to buy one.A brilliant idea.God bless the author.

  3. John Says:

    So, after I read the article, I guess hate is the root of all religions. Just look at the “Clown” between our two posts, CaptainZero1969 and yes and I do mean he’s a dick head…

  4. Greg Says:

    I’d love to buy the book, but I don’t read fiction. Especially badly written fiction…

  5. Greg Says:

    Bill Maher is on!!! If you like Religilous, you’ll LOVE Bill. Not quite as funny or insightful as George Carlin, but damned close…

  6. sjbrnt Says:

    I want to say ‘If it were only in Britain…’; but no, that is not right.

    I agree with the quote, as far as it goes. It is good to point out the racism, sexism, misogyny, and simple evil that exists in the Bible, Koran, and other ancient collections. The problem, though, is truly the institutions and the people who follow these books.

    I would no more ban the Bible than Huck Finn. I just cannot respect anyone who purports to follow it as somehow ‘sacred’.

  7. Tech Says:

    GOOD MORNING DOOMED UNBELIEVERS. LOL.Hope you don’t mind me saying that,well you don’t believe in it anyway.Its like person who jumps off a 20 story building and at each floor he passes he looks in the window and shouts. ” everything is fine so far” GET THE IDEA FELLOWS?

  8. sjbrnt Says:

    …and now, by techie’s little rant above, you can plainly see why one cannot respect these freakin’ lil loonies. That’s not name calling, it is apparently a fact. Read the above rant, and decide for yourself.

    The convection ovens are a-blazin!

  9. Tech Says:

    Ha ha IF you don’t believe whats the difference.I have another question for this site whats your feeling on the kkk.What if they burned a cross on your lawn tonight?.What if your town or city was cited as the next terrorist attack?What if you were doing some banking and the bank was held up.this kind of stuff happens. Its not a good thing right.But still you rant and rave about another persons beliefs.You we shouldn’t be here on this site because we are not atheists.Who would you be trying to argue with then, someone who don’t know any better. Well ladies& gents ,I use the term lightly.I would trade a single minute with God for a life time with everything the devil has to offer.I have no regrets. I’m living a full life. I hope nothing but the for you. The is that you find what you are searching for .THE TRUTH.May whoever it is you believe in bring you happiness& blessings.

  10. Tech Says:

    Didn’t proof read sorry.

  11. solomon Says:

    Bravo…..tech Bravo……

  12. The Heretic Says:

    Religions are based on hate and prejudice. Their followers, many of them, are the same. Narrow-minded, self-righteous, and generally hypocritical. They are obsessed with sex, because it is sinful. Or they aren’t allowed to have it, so many become deviants. And they hate homosexuals. People who don’t threaten them at all, in any way. They are just different. The religious are a twisted blot on the humanity.

  13. sjburnt Says:


    I welcome any earnest point of view, atheist or not.

    Obviously, this site welcomes you, since you are still here. I think I speak for most when saying that we have no problems conducting civil discourse with religious people.

    My personal objection to your presence is to the lack of all thought, rational, original, or otherwise that you personally contribute. If you were not here trolling and repeating the same Ka-ka-ka-krap, we could have a civil, rational, and probably a much more readable conversation. It would certainly be a more rewarding discussion.

    But until you contribute something of note, I will simply disregard you, since I do not believe that you are capable of anything but the same tripe I see in the posts before this one.

    However, if you are capable, and should you decide to contribute something – anything – remotely rational, I would welcome the chance to converse with you.

    Spell check is optional, of course, but you would get points for a little effort.


  14. John Says:

    Indian state removes book with Jesus holding beer


    The thought police are alive and well in India…… also?

  15. sjburnt Says:

    Criminy, I feel like I just cuffed one of the kids from the short bus…

  16. John Says:

    The Heretic: I believe that most of the recent attacks on homosexuals from the religious are just nothing more than attempted rallying calls or last gasp efforts from a worn-out and tired train of thought. It appears to be attempts to shine a new light on itself to save a waning belief system where everywhere one looks one reads that the youth are walking away or at least questioning their parent’s beliefs. Attacking gays is easy for them as it is just hate speech and whom better to spread hate than the religious; just listen to them and know what I mean. Burn witches, kill non-believers, stone people, ritual killings… all done in “love of the lord”.

  17. grim reaper Says:

    athiest= doomed. no chance = atheist

  18. John Says:

    See what I mean??

  19. Hypatia Says:

    Persecuting the LBGT community has ceased to be an effective way to unite believers in the UK – in fact it is proving to be a good at driving people away from religion. I think the change is due to the fact that most people are now willing to be open about their sexual orientation – it means we all now have friends and relatives who are openly gay and won’t tolerate attacks against people we love and respect.

    Homophobia and misogyny will be the death of religion in the UK.

  20. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Jesus with a beer post… I always though JC seemed like more of a magic mushrooms kind of guy.

  21. Tech Says:

    I don’t agree.I’m not homophobic.There are so many kinds of those type of people. I admit I have known several and they all have their own quirks.What I think means nothing. Its their life. I don’t hate anyone,their ways that a different story. After it was Adam & Eve not Adam & Steve.

  22. sjburnt Says:

    “Homophobia and misogyny will be the death of religion in the UK.”

    Hypatia, from your mouth to god’s err… …sorry, let me rephrase that.

    I sincerely hope that you are correct, and may that trend continue here in America! Our own superstitious culture is more entrenched on this side of the pond. (Sorry, Canada)

  23. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    To Hypatia’s and John’s points on the decline of religious homophobia – Demographics are very clearly against the forces of religious hate of that particular group. Fortunately, there are still other groups for them to be arrogant, sneering and self-righteous toward. Yep, even here they extend their ignorant and hate-filled tongues to threaten imaginary consequences.

  24. Tech Says:

    TECH’S STATEMENT: I personally pose no treat to any sect of society.I’m a peace loving man who doen’t believe in violence.I even have on occasion turned the other cheek.But I have also been known to give the scattered sanctified punch when cornered.I will not harm any person for their beliefs nor will I force my beliefs on them.

  25. grim reaper Says:

    Pretty quite here ,why the dead silence?

  26. sjburnt Says:

    GR/techie/sol/whoever you are:

    I suppose it is “quite” since you, techie, and sol have added nothing of import or interest.

    (Except that you three have similar grammar, punctuation, spelling, and cohesion issues. Hmmm. Could there be overlap amongst the trolls?)

    Now that it is quiet, why don’t you go back and actually read some of the other posts?

    While you are at it, try to comprehend them.

    If you are able to format questions, we will respond.

    I have gone back and read your input. B-o-r-i-n-g. Rinse, lather, and regurgitate. Meh. It just seems cruel for us to have a mental duel with those, like you, that are unarmed.

  27. Holysmokes Says:

    I just took the time to reread sections of Leviticus. I’d forgotten how many reasons a person should be killed. Wow! If interested, go to http://www.bible.com and type “‘shall surely be put to death” in the search box. then scroll down to the Leviticus hits. For that matter look at all 30 thirty hits. That Christian god sure is a hard ass!

  28. Holysmokes Says:

    I think it must have been, “that time of the month” for god when she wrote some of those offenses and punishments.

  29. solomon Says:

    athiest= doomed. no chance = atheist

    grim reaper =Bravo….Bravo….more members are welcomed


    Homosexuals,gays=to be disposed,to be wiped off from the surface of the earth.

    Homesexual lots=useless to society,should be given no chance,should be send to Hell right now.

  30. John Says:

    “athiest= doomed. no chance = atheist

    grim reaper =Bravo….Bravo….more members are welcomed


    Homosexuals,gays=to be disposed,to be wiped off from the surface of the earth.

    Homesexual lots=useless to society,should be given no chance,should be send to Hell right now.”

    And now for what he is really saying: I follow a man that rapes little girls and am proud to hate all who think it is wrong or who I dislike.

  31. solomon Says:

    And now for what he is really saying: I follow a man that rapes little girls and am proud to hate all who think it is wrong or who I dislike.

    Ahhhh…..! Only sayings & wild accusations,no more points to brought out..

  32. solomon Says:

    The Splitting of the moon=nobody can refute

    Naaaa…….na na na na na

  33. Mohammed the Prophet Says:

    Solomon = hate
    Islam = hatred

  34. solomon Says:



  35. Mohammed the Prophet Says:

    Solomon = liar
    Islam = lies