5th March 2010

“Religions are all alike – founded upon fables and mythologies.”

Thomas Jefferson1743 – 1826

41 Responses to “5th March 2010”

  1. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Ok, I’m gonna take a run at this…

    I pray to a god call Éclair,
    That has chocolate where there should be hair,
    I worship each day
    In the same delish way
    Now I’m too fat to climb up my stairs.

    Maybe not clever but it’s the end of the day and I’m hungry.

    P.S. the truth of Jefferson’s statement is self-evident.

  2. steve Says:

    Captain, well done.

    Your p.s. alone is apt.

    But I am hoarding whatever brain cells I have left until this Ten Day run is over before starting the next one.

  3. John Says:

    TJ wanted the US a christian nation, my ass!

  4. Holysmokes Says:

    My god of all is called Nod
    Some people think he’s quite odd
    People say he’s not real
    It’s quite an ordeal
    Yet all evidence says he’s my god


    Wow, less than two and half minutes!

    P.S. What does Jefferson know? He’s never even heard of Nod.

  5. Alavi Hossain Says:

    bullshit! u dont believe a horse developed wings and flew muhammad to heaven to talk to jesus, abraham, julius caeser, and santa clause??? blasphemy! ull burn in hell for such thoughts!! u must accept these facts to save your soul!

  6. GoodWithoutGod Says:

    A forced trip in summer
    A relic to see
    This little boy in Mecca
    Will never be free

    Thomas was a true visionary, as many of the founding fathers were. I find it oddly satisfying that America, land of the right-wing conservative wing-nut, was founded by men who would never recognize the brand of Christianity being practiced there today. And to think that most of these Americans use Thomas Jefferson as an argument to support their claim that the US was founded on Christian values. Few western politicians today could ever be elected if they voiced similar sentiments.

  7. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Which makes me wonder what we’ve given up. As you point out, GWG, Jefferson probably could not be elected to high office in America. Could this be why the level of discourse in the Congress seems like a circus some days and a tent revival others?

  8. Atheist MC Says:

    From steve yesterday

    nominate you to lay down the law.
    [Pretty Please?]

    I wish it had been my idea but It was Holysmokes here. Apart from which I’m not very good at keeping rules, let alone making them.

  9. Tech Says:

    When you say Christian values, what do you think Christian values are.Values can be good and moral always trying to do whats right,but what is your idea of good Christian values or just plain good living.I think you will find many answers to that.

  10. Tech Says:

    Atheists you don’t have all the answers,and it can be plainly seen by some of your stupid answers.Your always quoting someone else or else just trying to be smart.It all seems so lame.

  11. Hypatia Says:

    Your always quoting someone else

    You Christians are always quoting from the same one book. You’ve got to admit that’s worst.

  12. Atheist MC Says:

    When you say Christian values, what do you think Christian values are.Values can be good and moral always trying to do whats right,but what is your idea of good Christian values

    When deciding how we all should be good
    And trying to act just as we should
    There’s no help in the scripture
    As Euthyphro can tell ya
    If God knew what’s good then we all would

    hope this complies with “da rooolz”

  13. Holysmokes Says:

    It technically does, because the rules only aimed at the “other” person. Bummer, you would have been a great adversary. But a great poem nontheless.

    Adams was certainly ahead of his time. Won’t it be great when religions are permanently referred to by all as; Christian Mythology and Islamic Mythology? I can see it now, history books will start this historical chapter as, “Back in the 21st century, during the end of the second dark ages …

  14. Holysmokes Says:

    Oooops, that should have read. “Jeffeson” not “Adams.” I’m going to my room and think about what i have done.

  15. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Mc – NICE poem!

  16. PEB Says:

    Tech has his doubts – it’s clear why he’s here.
    His god up above has yet to appear.
    He prays and he prays but I’ll act as seer.
    God isn’t there. He popped out for a beer.

  17. steve Says:

    There was a wise man from Virginia,
    with his wit alone he could skin ya.
    “Religions are all alike”
    He replied, “I dislike”
    “Fables, myths, and the church, they’re not linear.”

    “So let’s keep them out of our state,
    since their logic is truly low rate.
    They’ll just buggar the kid
    while their rhetoric will rid
    our people from a free rational fate.”

  18. steve Says:

    My apologies Holysmokes, for not giving you props.

    Looks like the poetry jam is underway.

  19. steve Says:

    Quickly, while Holysmokes is still in his room!

    Mr Jefferson cut up a Bible
    losing words he thought were not viable
    Though we wonder today
    Why not go all the way
    christly thoughts, we all know they’re not viable.

    If he only had sought out the Moor
    and gave food and support to the poor
    then mohammed would fail
    foolish thoughts? no avail
    they would hide behind veils none the more.

    And our own little Troll who’s named Tech
    who’s mind is a terrible wreck
    could stop trying so hard
    and his thoughts not be barred
    ’cause he’d realize; we don’t give a Fek.

  20. steve Says:

    There was an old blowhard named Steve
    through humor, had tried to relieve
    Though he thought he was funny
    In truth, was just punny
    But the faithful they just couldn’t conceive

    So if you take offense at my joke
    strike back! I’m an affable bloke
    through my words I do try
    to point out the lies
    by devout ones; our freedoms to choke.

  21. Holysmokes Says:

    All I can think to say steve is: HOLY COW!!! You have waaaaay toooooo much time on yours there mate! Outstanding poems though! When this is all said and done, perhaps we should publish a book.

  22. Holysmokes Says:

    Oooops, guess what I forgot?

  23. steve Says:

    …to stay in your room?

    Ah. What happens in AMC’s room stays in AMC’s room.

    Or, are you telling us that you are intentionally taking a dive?

    I am so confused.
    I have no idea what the rules are at this point.
    I call a Mulligan!

  24. GoodWithoutGod Says:

    Holy Crap! We have ourselves some pretty talented heathens here! Way to go, boys and girls. Everyone gets an extra shot of sambucca.

    There once was a man named VanHagen
    For Christ, his tongue was a waggin’
    One day he found reason
    The next he found treason
    And jumped off that God-damned bandwagon!

  25. GoodWithoutGod Says:

    Tell me, dear God,
    What have you done?
    You’ve given the loonies
    The atom bomb

    The preachers are preaching
    All in your name
    But come judgement day
    We’ll all be aflame

    Tell me, dear God!
    What have you done?!

  26. Holysmokes Says:


    That brought tears to my eyes. Oh wait, sorry it’s just this onion on my burger.

    My clergy said we need to believe.
    Facts are not needed you see.
    When the rapture comes around.
    We’ll not be caught with pants down.
    Unless its under the alter with me.

    Time: 4.55 I’m getting slower at this “creating” thing.

  27. GoodWithoutGod Says:

    Good one, HS. Good one…

  28. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    After seeing some of the great stuff here, I thought I’d better try harder!

    Thomas J. liked to use his head,
    for more than just a hat rack.
    He envisioned a wall to protect us all
    from the clergy’s witless attacks.

    But the clergy were canny,
    the clergy were smart,
    and tirelessly do they try,
    to climb over Tom’s wall
    of ideas and words,
    it’s a good thing he’d sense to build high.

  29. tech Says:

    YOUR all HIGH.

  30. GoodWithoutGod Says:

    Good one Captain. Very good. I’m impressed with everyone here. Here’s a little haiku for everyone….

    under bridge. I walk over.
    Pounce! SLAP! Troll…falls…down.

  31. Holysmokes Says:


    Good one! I’m on the edge of my seat. Then what happens to the troll???

  32. Holysmokes Says:

    Have any of you folks ever visited this blog? http://forum.richarddawkins.net/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=98084 There is a guy on here who goes on quite a rant about most of the points debated between believers and atheists. It’s rather wordy, but well worth the read. Grab a cup ….errr, pot of coffee or two …and a dictionary prior to reading it. Apparently it’s a work in progress, however he has several valid points. Caution; for those of you with sensitive ears, he is a bit on the vulgar side.

  33. steve Says:

    Holysmokes asks us
    what happened to the troll guy
    after slap, no noise.

    Haiku strange wild thing
    Must know ‘your’ from ‘you’re’ words
    The troll blabs on.

  34. Holysmokes Says:


    I was hoping you could ad that “period with no space adfterward” in there somewhere too. lol

  35. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Tech spouts nonsense,
    Tech spouts dreck,
    Tech’s only playing
    with half a deck.

    Just kidding around Tech. All in good fun. Why don’t you take a break from prostheletizing and try your hand? God won’t mind, just this once.

  36. Oxymoronic Christhinker Says:

    So I’m gone a few days ’cause I’m busy,
    Then come back to a site in a tizzy;
    While the atheists rhyme,
    In verse so sublime,
    Poor tech – He’s still divine-dizzy!

    Hey, first try people! Give me a break!

  37. Holysmokes Says:

    Well I for one liked it, but then again I liked them all. Except for that Japanese one that didn’t rhyme. lol

  38. Holysmokes Says:

    Anyhow, welcome back Oxy.

  39. Atheist MC Says:

    this is delicious! Maybe we should found a new site “Atheist Haiku of the Day”. Seriously Mo and tech. Lighten up and play along for a bit

  40. GoodWithoutGod Says:

    LOL Captain, that one about tech was hilarious. Thanks for the good laugh.

    HS, it’s a Haiku, dammit. It’s not supposed to rhyme!! If you say it slowly it works better. And Japanese haiku is a highly skilled art form – if you can read Japanese you’ll understand what I mean.

    Good first effort Oxymoronic.

    What happened to the troll? Well…

    The troll came back
    The very next day
    The troll came back
    We thought it was a goner

    The troll came back
    He couldn’t stay away
    The troll came back
    To give himself a boner.

    Did I just say that? Yep, I did.

  41. GoodWithoutGod Says:

    PS: I borrowed that last one from a famous cartoon called “The cat came back”. Check it out if you have some time here