22nd March 2010

“Religion is the most malevolent of all mind viruses.”

Arthur C. Clarke

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  1. solomon Says:

    Dear Alavi Hossain,

    Yes you only told me…only tell how science proves religious texts wrong already by only telling evolution is the best and most logical answer we have to our existence.Now its you asking me to give one reason why evolution or any other science is wrong besides “the koran says so”.
    Its you that initially claim that the primitive text contradicts while I deny it.How can I give you one reason why the Qoran is wrong or contradicts with science coz there ain’t any.Its you who should cite one verse of the Qoran that you say contradicts with science.

    Regarding homosexuality, tell me what are its benefits.Is love your only benefit?After love what?They get married and produce offsprings?Is that what you meant by benefit?And also gay wifes going around fucking other men?Is that beneficial?

    You are following animal behaviour as an excuse for allowing homosexuality?Other homo species act is just an example to show that human who are granted the thinking capacity & morals not to follow some example of animals acts.Some animals like cats even murdered their own offsprings.Do you want to categorize it too as nature and going around killing your son or daughters???Homosexuals are just following their animal behaviour or their unlimited lusts.

    Theres no forcing in religion.Apostates are people who are infidels who embraced Islam on their own free will and then become infidels again.These kind of people have no trustworthy.So theres no case of putting our own son to death.

    There are other reasons besides why can a man marry outside the faith but a woman cannot which I will tell you if I have the time Godwilling.Some of it is due to the rules regulating both Islam and other faith which contradicts.

  2. Alavi Hossain Says:

    obviously you don’t think there is anything contradictory with regard to science in the koran because u don’t accept evolution! and why don’t you accept evolution? because the koran tells you not to! why do you accept sciences like cell division or the theory of gravity but not evolution? because it does not comply with what the koran says. and what scientific evidence is there for the creation story in the koran anyway? absolutely none. the argument ill use is in the verses “We created man from sounding clay, from mud molded into shape…” (15:26). And, “He began the creation of man from clay, and made his progeny from a quintessence of fluid”. this is false since we KNOW that man is an evolved species, not some entity made from mud and injected with a pixie dust soul from above.name one part of evolution that is wrong by using SCIENCE, not your holy book. you all use science to prove parts of the koran to gain validity, but wont accept the sciences used in biology or chemistry in relation to evolution because you simply don’t want to.

    so ur saying it’s perfectly legitimate for a man and woman to marry and not have kids if they so choose, but it’s not okay for two men or women to marry and adopt a child? and what if the husband wife cannot produce a child then what? there are so many people who have children who not fit to raise them, do not want to raise the, or simply do not know how as well. and no, i am not using our natural tendencies as an excuse to conduct immoral behavior. we know right from wrong, using nature as a reason to murder offspring is not valid in any sane person’s mind regardless of if they follow a religion or not. and if you’re gonna use “natural tendencies” ofr gays, then use for straight people too. straight people are “just following their animal behaviour or their unlimited lusts” as well. people have sex for pleasure too you know, not just to reproduce. seems like you have a double standard on your hands.

    and of course it’s forcing religion on a child. you do not give them any other option. you torture them mentally into accepting islam by scaring them with hell fire. if a child who is 10 years old does not want to follow islam, the parents will scold them and punish them. believe me, i have personal experience. thank goodness i live in America and not Indonesia and have semi-reasonable parents, or else i would probably be six feet under the ground right now.

  3. solomon Says:

    Alavi, not everything regarding science like division of cells or gravity are told in the qoran,that is for human to find out and prooved.If every single item is to be depicted,then its pages will be piled sky high.As I’ve mentioned qoran will not contradict with science so qoran will accept any scientific discoveries that have been proven valid and also not contradicts with it.In the case of evolution it is only a made up theory so that it contradicts with qoran, designed by stupid scholars to sway some stupid followers from the true Gods path.Evolution is a hoax, not proven up till today.If you say its proven,then provide fossil proofs the gradual transformation from ape to men that must have existed in abundance if evolution is true if youre the person of truth.And don’t give me some stupid evolusion sites depicting some stupid fragments of primitive primate skulls as your reference.I want real fossil proofs.Now start diggin’.

  4. solomon Says:

    Alavi, theres no torturing of child,Muslim parents are passing or conveying truth to their offsprings from early age,equipt them with sufficient thoughts so that they wil not be easily swayed by liars and Satans.They really wants them to be save from hell coz they know gods words and promises are true.The Atheist,disbelievers or infidels are just a bunch of arrogant,boastful and ungrateful lot whom are not shown the right path,who cannot in any way refute what have been conveyed by god and they are only running away from it due to their arrogant nature.

  5. Alavi Hossain Says:

    fair enough, that would be a lot of pages in the koran then. but what a naive thing to say about evolution. darwin wasn’t trying to find a scapegoat for religion with his discovery. if you knew anything about evolution, u would know that we don’t even need fossils to show why we are related. there is an ample amount of genetic, biochemical, anatomical, and geological evidence to show it. also, for the transitional and non-transitional fossils we have found, they are exactly where we predicted they wold be. fossils definitely help, but are not necessary. read about it before you comment. the fossil record argument is typical of a creationist. and with your suggestion to find a “complete” fossil record, no science would ever be established if we used that reasoning. ill never convince you or anyone else as thick-headed to accept evolution because no matter what is presented you will not want to accept it. and there are plenty of species transitional fossils. u creationists want 16 new fossils for every 16 we find. at that nothing would get accomplished. if it was a hoax, then, any other scientific discovery would be as well. evolution through natural selection uses the same scientific method used in cosmology, embryology, geology, and any other science. if you say its a hoax then all of geology and biology are wrong; the speed of light has been wrongly calculated, so Einsteinian physics is wrong; the distance and speed of other galaxies has been wrongly calculated, meaning that all of astronomy and therefore Newtonian physics are also wrong. so for informed people to challenge accepted scientific orthodoxy on the basis of proper evidence is always healthy, but to debunk the whole of science on the back of a story passed down by some Iron Age goat-herders is just self-delusion. now since ur argument for fossils is not valid, name anything that refutes evolution.

    telling a child that he will burn in a firey pit of hell if he doesnt follow islam is definitely torture. and just because you believe it’s true, doesnt mean it is. u need to explain to them why you think its true b4 just telling them it is. ur giving them no other option. if i actually believed there was a god, i would follow islam wihtout a doubt. but i dont because there is so much more evidence pointing away from it. i didnt leave islam because of hatred. i left it because of rational and critical thinking about the real world.

  6. solomon Says:

    The real and unreputed truth of fossil evidence as simple and straight fnrward proof if evolution is true is what evolutionist cannot produce yet they try to confuse themselves and others with other lousy theories. Get me the fossils first,then we can start a debate on it.I wonder how could the Atheist believe in such hoax like that.No..no..they are just trying to run away from Gods true words.Their hearts are shut closed.

  7. solomon Says:

    I did’nt say other theories are wrong….Yet. As long as they have proofs and not contradict with the Qoran, then it should be accepted.

  8. Alavi Hossain Says:

    you have evolution all wrong. i am a biologist i would know a thing or two about fossils and their role in evolution. you don’t. we are not trying to confuse ourselves, we are trying to understand the natural world by means of observation and evidence. and this is the exact point i was trying to bring up earlier, no matter what evidence and facts i present, u wont accept them simply because u don’t want to. i didn’t become an atheist and then accept evolution, i found out that evolution is true then rejected the creation story in the koran, and others thereafter. so it wasn’t some diabolical plan i had to destroy islam or any religion for that matter, only a opening to question them more. THE FOSSIL RECORD IS NOT NEEDED TO PROVE EVOLUTION. again, there is enough evidence in genetics, anatomy, biochemistry, geology, and other sciences for it. this is an accepted truth among the vast majority of biologists, physicists, geologists, chemists, and many other scientific scholars. evolution is valid and is a fact of the world with or without the “complete” fossil record, whether you like it or not. you don’t believe and don’t want to believe it because it is so corrosive to religion. and there are actually a lot of educated muslims who do accept evolution but still practice islam. you are far from that. good luck living in your little fantasy world.

  9. solomon Says:

    Nobody would know if theyre faking with their theories.Even their theories can be refuted.Lay it down one by one and lets have a challenge.

  10. Alavi Hossain Says:

    that doesnt make any sense but whatever. alrighty then, name your first argument.

  11. solomon Says:

    You cast your theory first, then I’ll tore them to pieces.

  12. solomon Says:

    I have no lousy theory to cast upon.

  13. solomon Says:

    A little quiet around here.So it can be concluded theres no lousy theory to be cast by the evolutionist folks.

  14. Alavi Hossain Says:

    its not a theory. its a fact. a scientific theory is not a mere hypothesis or conjecture u fuck. man is a cousin of all modern species we see today and an ancestor of those past just as all other species are. evolution through the mechanism of natural selection shows us that the first form of life was a self-replicating cell. this went on to from bacteria and many other species finally arriving to fish, then amphibians and so on with many intermediates on the way. the evolved through random gene inheritance and non-random survival. we did not evolve from the apes or fish that you see today, we share a common ancestry with them from more primitive forms. the split between apes and man took place about 5-6 million years ago. go eat your ass.

  15. solomon Says:

    A lousy theory or fact(as you put it).
    Provide fossil proofs of the gradual transition of the splitting from a more primitive common ancestor to ape and man you dumb skull! Don’t try to bluff with some stupid self-replicating cell stuffs.

  16. solomon Says:

    What a bullshit fact to present.Go read the Qoran first.

  17. Alavi Hossain Says:

    you see what i mean? no matter what i say, u wont believe it. i already told u why i dont need to show all the fossils though there are many, u tranny. go gobble ur moms cock.

  18. solomon Says:

    I’am done with you….LIARS….CASE LAID TO REST

  19. solomon Says:

    Dear Alavi Hossain,

    The best thing to do is forget the whole evolution crap.Get back to God.Repent and stop commiting sins.Thats my sincere advice.

  20. solomon Says:

    Have you dug and collect all the fossils that I require Alavi?