31st March 2010

“There is a strand of current Christianity (particularly in the US) that looks longingly at the stranglehold fundamentalist Islam has in countries like Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia and likes what it sees.”

Colin Craig

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  1. solomon Says:

    Thats a good sign.

  2. Holysmokes Says:

    I see no reason to think this is true. Are there any prominent christian individuals or clergy this quote can point to?

  3. GoodWithoutGod Says:

    I’m certain there are Christians worldwide who admire the control Islam has over it’s ignorant masses. You only have to look at posts from certain in-duh-viduals on this blog to realize the depth of ignorance muslims can possess.

    I wish I could laugh, but I know how little they value life and freedom of thought. The recent bombings in Moscow are just two recent examples of Islamic love.

  4. solomon Says:

    All your accusations are not true and just damn lies to tarnish Islam.Islam is the most peaceful a religion could offer.

  5. Atheist MC Says:

    There is without doubt an extremely fundementalist Christian element in the U.S and it may extend (or maybe did under Bush) into the White House. Whether you can assume they want the kind of theocracy practiced in Saudi is moot. Certainly nobody is going to make it a policy point at the next mid terms and liberalism is too large a force to let it happen anyway.

    Invoking rule #1 Moderate religionists interprets scripture in a peaceful way. This is because most people want peace. Fundementalists (often) interpret scripture literally, and unfortunately, literally, scripture condones violence in defence of its own dogma. Hence Islamic terrorists and Christian Militias. There is no such thing as peaceful religion, only peaceful people prepared to believe peacefully.

  6. j sutton Says:

    “Islam is the most peaceful a religion could offer.”

    Just what I was thinking as those bodies hurled themselves from the two towers.

  7. Devout Atheist Says:

    “And KILL them wherever you find them……..”(Sura 2, verse 191).
    but…please do it peacefully.

  8. PEB Says:

    GWG – “I’m certain there are Christians worldwide who admire the control Islam has over it’s ignorant masses.” – Absolutely spot on.

    Control = money

    Sol – atheists don’t need to tarnish Islam. It’s followers are doing a decent job of that already (and I whole-heartedly include you in that too)

  9. Steve Says:

    What the hell? ‘Particularly in the US’? Aren’t they located in Vatican city? I wonder who Colin Craig is, where he is from, and how he overlooked ‘el papa’?

    I am not a big believer in conspiracy theories, and I also have the dubious distinction of having been raised by cult members here in the states. That is why I doubt that christian ‘strands’ have the capacity to look at Islam’s stranglehold as a laudable goal. It is just not the group-think among them.

    However, there may be those individual sociopaths at the top who do think of such goals. Someone, somewhere has to start this awful nonsense for their own benefit. But an entire ‘strand of christianity’? I highly doubt it. Rednecks are not that smart, and the pope has that market.

    GoodWithoutGod, very funny lines; but as you say, I too wish I could laugh. Islamic killers are in the news nearly every day. Moronic trolls are found on many websites, spouting their gibberish.

    The only answer I can see is education and freedom, and there is not enough profit in that. Most of the leaders, whether christian or muslim, are wealthy men of opulence who are not likely to give up the power base easily.

  10. solomon Says:

    I want to vomit hearing the same idiotic argument of the Atheists….Islamic killers,moronic trolls spouting their gibberish or some other rubbish that they themselve don’t know what theyre talking about…just talk & talk & lied.They loudly concern about evolution to refute gods words.Now who creates the first design of everything?Forget about the evolution stuffs.Give a straight answer.
    Imagine they can say theres no creator to everything.Look at a womans face.How could natural selection or nature create such beauty.Even an artist would have a painstaking time painting it,this is about making the real object,the face.Every detail have to be looked into.Those LIARS just blantantly say nobody creates it?Only bloody cursed fools would listen to them.Don’t be swayed viewers.

  11. Holysmokes Says:

    I can honestly say that I’ve never knowingly met a christian who would like to wield the power shown by muslims. I suppose it’s possible that a handful exist, but I’d be surprised to find this kind of envy as a common theme amongst chistians. Muslims force their will unto others, i.e. beating the entire quran into the heads of children by forcing them to memorize it. Christians are typically more subtle and sneakier about it.

  12. Talnoy Says:

    “Those LIARS just blantantly say nobody creates it?”


    Prove us wrong.

  13. Alavi Hossain Says:

    solomon u fuck,
    a woman is only as beautiful as we want her to be. did u know that in nambia, the men find overwieght women more attractive? we create our own beauty, which is why a dolphin wouldn’t find most humans attractive or a lion doesnt find a giraffe sexually appealing. u talk about a creator, but when it comes to the creator himself, u avoid all questioning of his origins.

    as far as this quote goes, id have to be on the fence. it seems as if they do like what they see, but still hate islam for it’s views if that makes any sense. they like the tactics and schemes but not the core beliefs such as Jesus not being the son of god.

  14. Devout Atheist Says:

    Solomon:”How could natural selection or nature create such beauty.” I’m reminiscent of the Twilight Zone Episode.” Eye of the beholder”.

    I’m sure Neanderthal Men thought hairy bodies were beautiful.

    The mechanism of evolution and nature is beautiful without any help from anyone or thing.

  15. Steve Says:

    Talnoy – I wish you the best of luck with your challenge… …be prepared for gibberish.

    Holysmokes, in general I agree with your comment. For the vast majority, you are correct. However, I was raised by those christians that forced us (as children) to memorize whole chapters of the bible, so there are indeed some out there. And I hate to tell you, but they do really stockpile guns.

    I really want to believe that the vast majority of muslims are not the total whack jobs we see every damn night on the evening news, the ones that run around killing and bombing; however, even so, it seems that the vast majority of muslims do not seem to object to all the murder and mayhem committed in the name of allah or muhamed. Why not? Where is the outrage? Are they all ‘Sollies’?

  16. Holysmokes Says:

    Hi Steve,

    After watching the christian militia nut jobs that made the news this week in the US, I’d have to say you are quite right about them stockpiling guns.

    I have spent a fair amount of time in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia in particular. I have found that most muslims are extremely easy going and laid back folks. They seem to take life as it comes just like the rest of us. Their outlook is a bit different though. For example; I asked a guy why he refused to wear his seatbelt, especially considering the way many of them drive, he just looked at me, shrugged his shoulders and said nonchalantly, “If it is allah’s will for me to die, then I will die.” I’d have to say that the overwhelming majority of them are very nice people. It’s the small percentage of radicals that give them a bad name. They do treat women like crap, but when you are raised inside these rules, it harder to see them in the same negative light that we do. Only education can change that.

  17. steve Says:

    Thanks Holysmokes; Gee, if you take out the “allah” crap it sounds like they are from Wisconsin! 😉

    My father worked for Aramco in Saudi, and echoed your opinions.

  18. Holysmokes Says:

    Personally, I think wrapping up muslim women up and effectively hiding them from open society creates many more gays within muslim societies. Men only seeing men.

    You should see the way men ogle American women who refused to wear their garb though. They stare and smile like kids in a candy store. It genuinely made our female personnel feel uncomfortable, especially when you consider the fact that they have what is known as “morals police” running around keeping women in line while in public.

    I did notice that muslim men act a great deal more feminine regarding their mannerisms and speech then seems normal. It’s hard to judge that with any real accuracy though.

  19. steve Says:


    Agreed – what you call ‘feminine’ could just be a cultural thing, on either them, us, or both. Frankly I think that American culture is pretty repressed in a lot of ways as well. But you don’t often see men holding hands when they walk here without making assumptions. It took me over forty years to finally discover that I really don’t give a damn. I guess that religious training is hard to overcome.

    The whole ‘wrapping up’ aspect just smacks of possession. No respect as equals, just chattel.

  20. steve Says:


    Oh – just read the part where you mention that wrapped women ‘creates’
    more gays. I get your point, i.e., that it is an opportunistic behavior, but I am not sure that my gay friends would agree that gayness can be ‘created’.

    Looked at the main quote again, and I still disagree with it.

    I don’t see many “strand[s] of current Christianity (particularly in the US) that looks longingly” at anything in Afghanistan. I don’t see many Americans that know enough about the Afghan country to look longingly at anything!

  21. j sutton Says:


  22. Holysmokes Says:


    Yup, I think “creates” was a poor choice of words regarding gay muslims.

    I should have said, “Muslims who see primarily men, while only viewing the eyes of women due to nearly 100% coverage, can make those predisposed to homosexuality, more likely to think about, or act on it.

  23. solomon Says:

    Dear Talnoy,

    If nobody creates it , your nose might have been located upside down now.

  24. solomon Says:

    Dear Alavi Hossain,


    Go get yourself a fat woman if you think that will fulfill your desires.Organise your own black fat women beauty pageant.No matter how one reacts to beauty is not a major concern.Who? Who creates such beauty whether its in the eyes of a lion,a dolphin or a Neanderthal Men?

    Devout Atheist,
    You should try hairy Neanderthal women sometimes.

  25. Alavi Hossain Says:

    i already told you why we don’t need the fossils, although there are many. if you can’t and don’t want to accept that, then obviously you will never be satisfied. ur only feeding your own ignorance. and why does there have to be a creator? and if that is the case, who or what created god?

  26. solomon Says:

    Telling me why I don’t need fossils is not enough and its just an easy way out not to prove your claim.God is comparable to nothing.Simple wondering tells us there must be a creator to everything except god.God exist on his own and have done so forever since.Like imagining ‘time’.You does’nt know when it started or how it gonna ends.If fact it can’t even suppose to cross your mind to pose a question of who created god.

  27. solomon Says:

    I would like to express a thousand apology for citing the words “black fat woman” to whom this may concern.Its un intentional and not meant to hurt anybody.Sorry.