7th April 2010

“Communism is a classic religion, with its holy books and prophets. The sects depend upon whom you accept or reject as prophets – Trotsky and Mao spring immediately to mind. Furthermore, even though the basic tenets of communism are obviously false, the believers still believe them – just like all the other religions. And, of course, millions are killed in the name of the holy truth.”

Nicholas Gascoine

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  1. Holysmokes Says:

    I’d have to disagree. Communism is actually an attempt to treat everyone the same. It routinely fails because creating high ranking politicians automatically creates elitists by default. Also, communism takes away the human drive to succeed. If as a worker, I knew that I would have the same crappy job no matter how hard I worked, I would have no incentive to increase productivity. In fact, I would do as little as possible. I see no religion in communism, only enslavement of people. One could argue that religion does that, but at least the religious have the freedom to leave.

  2. solomon Says:

    The quote is just to sway people into thinking that Communism is=religion, in return might discourage them to leave it.Everybody knows Communism is coming to an end but religion still lives and will do so forever.

  3. GoodWithoutGod Says:

    This quote is true only in the sense that both are ideologies that attempt to provide an interpretation on reality. Other than that, I totally disagree with this quote.

    Communism, at least in theory, is more admirable than Christianity, in my opinion, based on the promotion of equality and the fair distribution of wealth. In practice it fails, however, due to man’s greed and quest for power. Just as religion, in practice, fails due to man’s tribalism and insatiable quest for control.

  4. solomon Says:

    I would like to sum up all that have been delivered in due course of this site.To all Atheist, stop your pointless fake defence propaganda to tout people and yourself into the wrong path.Just get back to God.You’ll discover the joy of living that you have never felt before.

    Youre lying & youre bluffing.Proof it religion have failed.

  5. GoodWithoutGod Says:

    Proof? Catholic Priests.

    Your move, Einstein.

  6. solomon Says:

    I’am not a Catholic Priests or Einstein either.I’am a simple ordinary man who loves & uphold truth and the proofs is all aroud you.Now make your move GoodWithoutGod.

    REAL DESCRIPTION OF THE ATHEISTS:solomon’s dictionary
    The Atheists are a bunch of people not that they have not discovered or found truth.They are just the ones that hates & try to run away from it.Its just that they can’t overcome their arrogance & boastfullness just like their accomplice the SATAN.

  7. sam Says:

    Solomon, Instead of listening to valid points made by the atheists on this website you choose not to have an open mind and act like we’re beneath you. We are not running away from the truth, we’re embracing it. If you have a problem with this website or the atheists on here, then move on and find a bible thumping website. Don’t come to an atheist website and expect people to agree with your brainwashed views! I truly feel bad for you, and hope that one day you will realize the lies the church on taught you to believe!

  8. sam Says:


  9. Atheist MC Says:

    It routinely fails because creating high ranking politicianspriests automatically creates elitists by default. Also, communismreligion takes away the human drive to succeed question.

    (Assuming the html works)Maybe truer than you think

  10. solomon Says:

    Dear sam,
    Thats allways what your lots have to say “If you have a problem with this website or the atheists on here, then move on and find a bible thumping website.” to drive away people who try to uphold truth.If you are truly finding truth, theres a lot of proofs or signs that leads you to it but you are lying and always running from it.I don’t get thoughts from churches, I obtain it from the true and only Gods house that is the mosque.

  11. tech Says:

    But for the Grace of God there go I.

  12. Atheist MC Says:

    and of course some religions are more akin to communism than others. Islam is very close to Stalinism as apostasy is/was similarly proscribed under both. Thought crime exists in both regimes. This is not surprising really when you consider the motives of Mohammed in “writing” the Qu’ran. His aim was political dominance, which he achieved through religion tightly circumscribed with a doctrinal text presented as divinely inspired. Communism has its Little Red Book and Das Capital, ideological rather than pseudo divine, but nevertheless dogmatic and sacrosanct.

  13. solomon Says:

    Whoever reads the Quran will in an instant recognise its not the works of Mohammad, containing poetry,politics,science,biology,philosophy,mystics,history,astronomy,physics,social & many other doctrines that surely not the feat of one man.And in a single instant you can judge that Atheist MC is a lifetime Liar.

  14. Rozmarija Grauds Says:

    Thank you for that quote! It’s so annoying to have uninformed Christians equate the infinite diversity of atheism with something like 20th century Communism. In Russia itself, during the Soviet regime some churches only collapsed as victims of poverty and the harsh climate, while its RO cathedrals were kept up as well as possible. As a lifelong atheist, my only interest in religion is to get it safely behind that fabled Wall of Separation between Church and State. Getting rid of such myths about atheism and Communist States is an important brick in that Wall.

  15. Steve Says:

    “I don’t think so, Tim.” (Or Nicholas, as is the case.) This is a vapid quote.

    I can see that with more context this might be used to make a point; the notion that communism is a form of religion is just as ridiculous as saying Atheism is a form of religion. Both arguments fail for many reasons, not the least of which is that communism has lots of meanings and variations.

    In the States, at least, communism carries a bad connotation; maybe the author was trying to give religions a bad name by association. Points for effort, but not for effect.

    Let’s deal with the fallacy of religion on its own, without muddying the waters by bringing political theory into the mess. Some of the comments above validly point to similarities and differences, but so what? There are similarities and differences in all kinds of social control.

    Biggest difference? Communism exists, and we can demonstrate and prove that. Can anyone prove or demonstrate that a god/gods/goddess exist?

    It has not happened yet.

  16. Atheist MC Says:

    In the States, at least, communism carries a bad connotation; maybe the author was trying to give religions a bad name by association. Points for effort, but not for effect.

    Either that or as Rozmarija Grauds suggests he is trying to break the strawman link between atheism and communism.
    I think it no accident that communist states are imposed atheist ones. It is the banning of one ideology with another. I don’t see the quote as being vapid at all, almost a truism.

  17. Steve Says:

    AMC, thanks, I see your point. I started in that direction at my second paragraph, but dismissed it for lack of information and context.

    I had not seen Grauds’ post until after I posted.

    To correct myself further, the quote is about religion, not gods, so I admit they are readily demonstrated and proven to exist!

    Look no further than the damage in the news for proof of religion.

  18. Rozmarija Grauds Says:

    The underlying fact of life where our speces is concerned, is that we are not co-operating ants or bees with genetically set tasks – as Communism would have liked, and we cannot constructively function as packs of wolves or hyenas, as some Republicans and bankers would choose it they could all be Alphas.
    Religion will always be re-invented, there is no point in discussing any eradication. It’s also necessary as an “opiate of the masses”, because dim citizens need to be controlled by some alluring fantasy, or the alternative , the unrealistic strictures which Communism demanded, would appear in some form of Brave New World control. It’s futile to hope that our population can be educated enough to voluntarily exercise constructive self-control

  19. tech Says:

    Here is a quote by Tech”The Atheists are the most self centered,self righteous group of beings on the face of our planet”. To add to that .They only see the mistakes of others.They expect people who believe in God to be free from all forms of sin and unable to make mistakes. Haven’t you guys convinced yourselves yet that God doesn’t exist? Again I have to say some of you already know that he does truly exist. PS for those of you who believe in god and your actions show other wise . Repent. Gods gave his only son to die on the cross for you.His precious blood paid the price for your sins and mine.

  20. Alavi Hossain Says:

    im on the same page as most of the members here. communism does hold the basic ideals and tactics as a religion, but does not consider a supernatural being as a mediating force. it is an idealogy more than anything like nationalism or maoism. though i consider communism to be a generally impracticle and detrimental to a society, it is quite evident that religion is on the same level if not a step above. we have seen that through our history in countries such as india, turkey, italy, mexico, and currently in many middle eastern countries (yes solomon, i am a “lifetime bluffer/liar because i mocked islam). communism and religion have a very recent common ancestor called “control”.

  21. tech Says:

    Alavi ,What about Christianity?Bad question I guess, since nobody here knows the true meaning of Christianity.

  22. tech Says:

    Alavi ,What about Christianity? Bad question I guess, since nobody here knows the true meaning of Christianity.

  23. Steve Says:

    OK Tech, I will bite. What is the true meaning of christianity, in your opinion?

    Because I think that most here do know the true meaning of the word christianity; it is not a terribly contentious definition.

    Christianity is a monotheistic religion based on the legends of Jesus, usually as presented in the new testament.

    It is just a religion, albeit currently a ‘classic’ religion in the words of the AQOTD.

  24. Atheist MC Says:

    and I’ll bite too. Tech, what is the true meaning of Christianity? No pressure.

  25. Atheist MC Says:

    Alavi Hossain
    The history of religion may well lie within the realms of control. Shamanism is ancient for example and probably was the basis of the early Jewish priesthood. “Modern” shamanism in “primitive” societies as documented by anthropologists is centred around status and power. Because a Shaman is vulnerable to personal failure, the ones who survived pegged their power to unseen but omnipotent deities. Thus is religion born.

  26. tech Says:

    Yep thats Religion.But what is your definition of Christianity

  27. tech Says:

    Never mind I’ll get the same answer. I’m a Christian and I know and I guess thats all that matters.

  28. Steve Says:

    Tech, I have no plans to harass you personally, I was just trying to see what you were asserting when you said that no one here understood christianity. I was surprised by your comment, since whether we like it or not, christianity is a major part of western culture.

    My attempt to define christianity was: A monotheistic religion based on the legends of Jesus, usually as presented in the new testament. I assume that you agree, right?

    Should you ever be compelled to explain what you meant, I will stand by.

    I think that at least for today’s quote it matters little, since the comparison was to the common denominators of religion; unproven main characters, supported by devout believers, and a path of mayhem ‘in the name of the holy truth.’

  29. Atheist MC Says:

    Still time Tech. What are we all missing about Christianity?

  30. Atheist MC Says:

    Ah mis-read the thread OK. Tech, I would not presume to define christianity. Every christian I have ever met has a different definition. I’m an atheist for truth’s sake! how would I know. Give me your synopsis and we’ll discuss it, how about it?

  31. Holysmokes Says:

    It’s a splinter belief, like islam, derived from judaism. Further, judaism is the belief in just one of well over 100,000 plus deities in which humans have concocted each time they fail to understand a phenomena in the natural universe. None of these beliefs have ever managed to muster a single shred of credible evidence to date. Or put in a single word, fiction. Christianity + islam + judaism = fiction. Ka ka ka! Drink up!

  32. solomon Says:

    Atheism=Lies,Rubbish ……Whaaaaa… ka ka ka….

    So you all say theres no God.So you want to prove Gods existence by science,experiments,evidence,theories or measurements?
    Are’nt whats all around you are evidence?You can just close your eyes to those evidence?
    Youre goin to find God by searching it yourself, without being told?In what way youre goin to find God.I’am afraid when some Snakes start talking, you will say…..Ohhhh…thats evidence….thats God.
    Alavi Hossain will be very happy.
    Whaa….. ka ka ka…..

  33. BWAA????? Says:

    Uh.. Solomon, I must say. You’re grammar is atrocious. I do hope English is not your native tongue. Anyway, I digress.

    Open your eyes to everyone’s own truth, Solomon. We believe in what we choose to believe in. In your eyes, we’re all liars; in ours, you are delusional.

    I don’t boast to know all religions beliefs and morals. I don’t boast knowledge in their “legends.” What I do boast is my choice to believe in what I believe in. I could type a message, pages longer in full description, of my OWN belief, but I won’t. I need only tell you to get over it.

    This is an Atheist’s quotes comment page. Do you peruse these pages portending everyone’s fate by what they choose to stand up for is not your own and therefore wrong? Sure, some people are Atheist out of ignorance, most, though, are experienced, learned individuals intelligent enough to speak their minds.

    We don’t “mock” your God(s), we just don’t believe in it/him/her/them. (at least the way you do). Many of us are very tame at holding our tongues, but when a fanatical, closed-minded zealot, like yourself, comes on here with such ignorance and brain-washed biblical/Qur’anic fiction to pass as fact, we will release them and spit back, but with actual scientific, PROVEN fact that, at least, religion is flawed.

    AND then we will demean your intelligence, thus forcing you to find another potential sap hole to spread your equally unintelligible jargon.

    I truly hope you find your peace, one day. We’re not all bad people, most of us. One thing that we are, though, is human. We all exist on this dimensional plane together. We must all accept each others path, no matter how absurd.

  34. Alavi Hossain Says:

    well put BWAA?????. i choose to ignore solomon most of the time since he seems to have the cognitive process of a sheep or mollusk. he actually just said “I’am afraid when some Snakes start talking, you will say…..Ohhhh…thats evidence….thats God”. and tech seems to be on the same level, but a bit more coherent. it’s funny that tech brought up “true meaning of Christianity”. my family asks me the same question about islam in hopes of stumping me intellectually. but the facts are anyone who believes passionately in their religion thinks it is more ethical or practical than any other. and even if that was so for lets say jainism, it wouldn’t mean there is a god. if you add a god to the philosophies democritus, epicurus, or aristotle, although they seem to reject the idea of a god, but whatever…it would essentially be a religion. i will pose the question to tech then, what is the true meaning of islam? what is the true meaning of sikhism? what is the true meaning of mormonism? u were from what i understand brought up as a christian and thats basically the only reason u remain one today.

  35. solomon Says:

    Dear BWAA?????,

    Grammar or English is not a handicap on sponsoring truth.What is there to complain about as long as one could understand its meaning would suffice.
    So youre playing prophet for the Atheists,trying to cover up whats theyve been ranting about God or religion.You maybe a newcomer or you may have read all the past posts and just shut your eyes on it.
    Your lots have been trying & decorating to make Atheism look good and religion looks bad into the eyes of others.My mission is not to allow that.

    There you are…simply or purposely accusing that we are the fanatical, closed-minded zealot,ignorant or brainwashed unintelligible lots.Have what that all that we’ve said or delivered have nothing to be reasoned out or to be critically thought of?We don’t rant rubbish.

    Do you want others or yourself to be swayed or searching in the dark like a blind man without divine intervention?All you depend upon or as one of your weapon is trying to use science as your savior.Don’t you realize that science is just a tiny fraction of Gods knowledge or gift.Science sticks to certain govern laws.You might not know other forms of knowledge that defy the laws of science.So depending solely on science is just not enough.

    So in me coming here is to deliver truth, truth in what the Atheists or unbelievers hates & allways try to run away from and to stop the touting of theres no God stuffs to all those ignorant or innocent minor out there.

    Its not we or ourselves to judge that we have been good or bad human.There have to be a certain standard for all human.A standard outlined by God.Thats what we call Fair.Certain things not bad to your eyes might pose bad consequences to society like Homosexuality or that kind.If everyone wish to accept their own path or follow their own lusts, that what have witnessed today, chaos and hatred happenning all over the world.

  36. solomon Says:

    Dear Alavi,
    Whats the significance of you asking tech what is the true meaning of Islam,sikhism or mormonism?

  37. BWAA????? Says:

    Soloman, look, I don’t consider myself a prophet to Atheism; that would blaspheme the concept of Atheism. It is no religion, so there is no need for one. Atheism is a label, pasted on the foreheads of all “non-believers.” Much like Paganism was on the non-Christians of early Rome.

    I honestly believe in science, because I am an aspiring engineer who practices science and practicality. It is not in my best interest to put a hypothetical, omniscient overlord in front of my studies. I believe in a “god” that is in no control over us. This God is a creator, much like we are when we say, leave a plate of food out to let it grow mold. I am, in a sense, God to the life on that dish. We are no different. We are a fluke, in this vast multiverse. We are allowed to believe in whatever we desire, but we must also never forget that belief is of our own accord. Religion and all of its specimens, were created by man; and man is fallible.

    There are and have been good people in this world. Some, so good that people believe in what they believe in, but remember. THEY ARE STILL MAN. Many would claim the ear that can hear God, but that is merely their belief. Need you follow? If they write a book does that make you more likely to follow?

    Solomon, just ask yourself. Do you honestly believe you can change the mind of a person who is committed to an ideal? Do you think we can change your mind?

    I give you credit for standing up for what you believe in, but you lose credit for assuming your word is the truth. No man’s word is total truth.

  38. BWAA????? Says:

    By the way, the hatred and chaos of this world, which as you say is presumably created by those who choose their own path or lusts, isn’t actually caused by those who choose those paths; it is those who choose not to accept the decisions of an individual mind.

    And shame on you for trying to bring in homosexuality into this debate.. I have many homosexual friends who are more human than you! Don’t you DARE condemn them to YOUR hatred!!

    The fact that you can’t accept one’s belief is one thing, but to shun those who simply live a lifestyle you can’t conceive is appalling. It is not lust that they choose to love someone of the same sex, it is a simple feeling VERY MUCH SIMILAR to what a man feels toward a woman when he falls in love. THAT IS NOT WRONG.

    What YOU harangue is unfair and unjust.

  39. solomon Says:

    Dear BWAA?????,

    I wish “MADE IN HELL” was printed on the foreheads of all “non-believers” so that minors can easily recognized them and can avoid being swayed.

    Theres nothing wrong in believing in science.Its just part of the vast of knowledge aquired by men.There must be other knowledge higher than science that have not been aquired or ignored by men.
    You are bullshitting saying no one is in control over you.Then made yourself alive for a thousand years if youre the man of truth.

    Yes, you can say other fake religions & all of its specimens, were created by man, but not this one and only true religion from the real God, that is Islam.We did’nt simply believe in this religion.Its a religion without a tiny bit of chance one can refute.The only one not to believe in it are the ones who only hates it or try to run away from it.

    How can you expect one man, I repeat ONE man who is illiterate & have no basic of any common knowledge can create such a book which is so poetic, containing revelations concepts, science,biology,astronomy,physics,chemistry,politics,social,philosophy and many others in one shot?Again you are lying & have been guessing.

    I did’nt even have to be honest to believe that I could change ones mind but can try and only hope for it, for it is only God who could change that and he must have his reasons.

    You say theres nothing wrong in homosexuality?Imagine a herd of cattle or a colony of lions made up of gay males.Soon their decendants will become extinct.I have a special laugh for this issue…hear this..


  40. steve Says:

    Sorry Bwaaa!!!. I do not mean to make light of your moniker, but the last line of his rant might be the first time that ol’ Sollie has ever been intentionally and successfully funny.

    Bat-shat wrong, of course, but any recognizable thought process is an improvement.

    And Bwaaa!!!, I appreciate your statement on gays. Even if your reasoning will never get through to Sollie, it needs to be said. He seems to be blinded “in the name of the holy truth.” That type of intolerance is widespread, and people need to be brave enough to call it out. Well stated.

  41. BWAA????? Says:

    Thanks Steve,

    Soloman, there is such a thing as a scribe. You know, someone who writes for you. Someone who is illiterate is still more than capable of an imagination… an ideal… He came up with this stuff in the dark ages of man. People were begging for an idea to follow because Christianity wasn’t leading them anywhere but into the mud.

    One who follows their creed peacefully, is capable of acceptance of others. One who follows their creed zealously, is just as bad as their spiritual antagonist.

  42. BWAA????? Says:

    Btw, nice jab at the name Salmon… err, Solomon… I enjoy a nice chuckle in these fiery debates. 🙂