15th April 2010

“Religion is the only area in which we tolerate dogma.”

Sam Harris

24 Responses to “15th April 2010”

  1. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    I think we also tolerate it in politics. As distinct from science. Individual scientists can be ‘dogmatic’ but the scientific enterprise cannot be due to its inherently self correcting nature. Actually, I think dogmatic is not the right word for someone a bit too sure of their data. If they are wrong, they will eventually be forced to accept a better model.

  2. Steve Says:

    Ha! I like Sam Harris a lot, but what about sports dogma? Our culture is rife with that nonsense. (Sorry folks, I am not a sports fan.)

    I guess we need to see what Sam meant. How does he define dogma?

  3. Holysmokes Says:

    I’d have to agree with Captain & steve,

    There are several areas where dogma is tolerated. One of my least favorite expressions is when someone suggests a better idea and it’s shot down in favor of the old way …along with the comment, “Because that’s the way we’ve always done it.”

  4. solomon Says:

    Most Atheists resort to science, as if science is their God.

  5. Atheist MC Says:

    I agree dogma is tolerated in lots of places. However it’s only in religion that dogma is enshrined and protected from criticism. Science is of course structurally anti-dogmatic (personal viewpoints notwithstanding) and even political dogma can yield to pragmatism but religions cling on to theirs whatever.

  6. Pah Says:

    Most Atheists resort to science, as if science is their God.

    Of course, Sol baby, science is, of course, the most reflective of the truth in reality.

  7. tech Says:

    You talk about tolerance.Its all part of life. Some times the truth is the hardest to tolerate.May God give me the tolerance and understanding I need to put of with my so called friends, the Atheists, who one day will learn the TRUTH.

  8. steve Says:

    Tech, sadly, #1 and #2.

  9. Alavi Hossain Says:

    awww tech, your so cute

  10. Atheist MC Says:

    Epistemology Tech, Epistemology

  11. Alavi Hossain Says:

    youre* so cute. sorry

    tech, how can you claim something as a truth when it has no evidence? if the only proof is the feeling in our heart, then forget about anything in reality. personal experiences, while very valuable, do not dictate the whole of reality for everyone. you need something more concrete than “the bible says so and god wrote the bible”. having faith that something is true is such a scapegoat from thinking critically. that reasoning could lead one to believe in anything. why is it okay to teach that all these other books of the greek gods or old sanskrit religions were written by man, but not this magical book revealed to ignorant iron-age sheep herders by the father of a cosmic jewish zombie? its very inconsistent, illogical and straight up untruthful.

  12. tech Says:

    Alavi All that Love I can Feel it.But if you don’t mind I’ll follow my own heart rather than that of a heartless Atheist.

  13. Alavi Hossain Says:

    ur way too adorable!!
    listen tech, u seem to be really sincere, but ur reasoning is so full of flaws it’s hysterical. if u want to believe in something so improbable, thats fine. but dont try and convince me that im wrong by saying im heartless or close-minded. ive studied religion quite thoroughly, more on islam, but a lot of others nonetheless. i find no reason to succumb to such irrationality simply because it makes one comfortable. theres no reason to think that you have a better reason for believing than anyone else does, or that what you believe is correct just because you want it to be. there is no doubt in my mind that if you had grown up in yemen or india, u would be a muslim or hindu. thats just the way it works.

  14. Hypatia Says:


    heartless Atheist

    What evidence have you to show I’m heartless? Do you think I bite the head of kittens or something?

    Oh wait – I remember – you don’t care about evidence. You’re just bothered I don’t believe in your irrational shit.

  15. Atheist MC Says:

    Heartless atheists? Really? that old strawman is dead and rotting. We’re notoriously nicer than theists (on average, you know) 🙂

  16. Michael Says:

    You’re right, Solomon. We do resort to the science a lot. We resort to the science of math when we need to solve a numerical or economic issue. We resort to the science of astronomy when we want to see or know about the stars. We resort to the science of biology when we want to learn about cells and living organisms. God forbid anyone use the science of engineering to build a bridge when I’m sure a fervent, intercessory prayer should lift you right across the river!

    Side note: I wonder if our supposed worship of SO MANY sciences a sort of polytheism?

  17. perman Says:

    i am redy proof about god

    just call me to turkey

  18. solomon Says:

    Dear Michael,

    God does not forbid at all using science.Science is just one tiny part of the vast knowledge of God granted to human.Science is just a tool.Science is not the ultimate of all knowledge.Theres other forms of knowledge that is beyond man’s grasp.

    “Most Atheists resort to science, as if science is their God.”

    My doctrine quote is to describe the behaviour of Atheists,stumbling across one stream of knowledge(science) then eagerly & carelessly using them to defy the true God.Did’nt they realised that the discoveries in science & mathematics were propagate by soft hearted God abiding individuals.

    We need science in our lives & nobody deny that, but don’t espect science to provide all the answer or evidence to the existence of God.Science is just what humans interpret it to be.

  19. solomon Says:

    Atheists=Heartless=gay(does not help in reproduction)

  20. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    I’ll grant you that all atheists are heartless gays if you’ll grant me that all Muslims are terrorists.

  21. solomon Says:

    Terrorists, not=Muslims
    Muslim terrorist=just a word created by Atheists
    Muslims=humans abides solely on Gods rules
    Muslims=happy peaceful earth inhabitants

    Atheists=self claiming homosexuals=retards biological norm & does not help in reproduction.

  22. Alavi Hossain Says:

    ru saying there are no muslim terrorists? that solomon, is a deep state of denial

  23. John Says:

    Sorry, solomon seems to be practicing “al-taqiya” again…

  24. steve Says:

    Interesting, John. That is indeed what the little troll is doing.