3rd July 2020

 2:00 am

“First there are men who only believe in ONE god, then they say that their god is the ONLY true one, then they believe that all other gods are false, and finally they believe that the one true god can only be worshipped in one way, and that those who do otherwise are vile monsters who should be killed.”

Nicholas Gascoine

2nd July 2020

 2:00 am

“Far from being morally pure or demonstrating that one needs God to be good, the religions look morally spent, still besieged by issues most of us left behind centuries ago.”

Dick Gross

30th June 2020

 2:00 am

“Catholicism is the tomb of intelligence, of thought, of brain; Protestantism, the tomb of conscience, of feeling, of heart.”

Louis Auguste Blanqui1805 – 1881

29th June 2020

 2:00 am

“A government investigation into the horror of Irish clerical abuse – both sexual and physical – brought everything to the surface. All the usual elements were there, thanks to the Irish bishops – cover-up, lying, bullying, threats, the hiding of evidence, the sealing of witness testimony, and most of all the willingness to let the guilty clergy get away with the crime.”

Anne M. Burke

28th June 2020

 2:00 am

“There's a very, very common surname in Ireland that actually means 'priest's son'. Go figure…”