14th November 2019

 3:00 am

“The British people have embraced a secular identity of their own free will, perhaps as a reaction to the ultra-conservatism of the recent papacy and the extremism that has been manifested by some forms of Islam. The secular identity of the British people is not something to criticise, but to celebrate.”

Terry Sanderson

13th November 2019

 3:00 am

“Scriptures are the product of human hands and hearts, and have been translated and copied for generations upon generations; scholarship clearly shows us that the texts present historical and literary problems that would seem to rule out the possibility that they are perfect books.”

Jon Meacham

12th November 2019

 3:00 am

“The abuse scandal in the church in Ireland and the poor response from the Vatican seemed to have sealed the fate of Catholicism in Ireland for some time to come.”

Anne M. Burke

11th November 2019

 3:00 am

“There was a time when religion ruled the world. It is known as The Dark Ages.”

Ruth Hurmence Green1915 – 1981

10th November 2019

 3:00 am

“Religious fundamentalists are violent because they do not accept doubt as a
possibility for learning, communicating, understanding.”

Maya V.A. Chávez