20th December 2014

 3:00 am

“Modern people should have nothing to do with the sexuality of the Bible, which is filled with coercion, ignorance, misogyny and sadism.”

Charlie Brennan

19th December 2014

 3:00 am

“Italians are less pious than they pretend. A study of central Sicily, published this year, found that only 18% of people actually went to church, although 30% said they did.”

The Economist

18th December 2014

 3:00 am

“Nothing stirs up the public like a physicist explaining how silly their cherished myths are.”

P. Z. Myers

17th December 2014

 3:00 am

“The C of E is deeply entwined in the story of British liberalism. From the time of the first Elizabeth, did this Church not nurture the distinctive English tradition of toleration, pluralism, fair play? Did it not reject the authoritarian ways of another church we won't name, and choose freedom? No, actually. It is truer to say that our tradition of liberty arose in opposition to the established Church.”

Theo Hobson

16th December 2014

 3:00 am

“As long as freedom of religion is valued higher than our freedom from it, we can expect to see more attempts at eroding our democratic values.”

Veronica Wikman