28th August 2016

 2:00 am

“Our world is facing problems – poverty, HIV and Aids – a devastating pandemic, and conflict… In the face of all of that, our Church, especially the Anglican Church, at this time is almost obsessed with questions of human sexuality.”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

27th August 2016

 2:00 am

“Only a true believer can make a dirty word of 'rationalism', but then, reason is the natural enemy of faith.”

Herbert B. Livesey

26th August 2016

 2:00 am

“I don't see that religion is particularly bad, but at certain historical moments it is very dangerous and this is one of them. There is a risk that we will undermine the West, that we will go back to the religious wars of the 17th century.”

Professor Simon Blackburn

25th August 2016

 2:00 am

“I don't believe God is a single parent who writes books.”

Bill Maher

24th August 2016

 2:00 am

“If they think that an artist can destroy their faith, then their faith is rather fragile.”

Marilyn Manson