31st October 2014

 3:00 am

“I feel that this constant demand for respect makes a great many people privately very resentful. Why should respect be extracted from us, for any and every religion, or any and every culture? It amounts to a statutory requirement of hypocrisy.”

Minette Marrin

30th October 2014

 3:00 am

“In a social milieu that encourages the expression of a variety of opinions on every question that arises, it is important to recognise dissent for what it is, and not to mistake it for a mature contribution to a balanced and wide-ranging debate. It is the truth revealed through Scripture and Tradition and articulated by the Church's Magisterium that sets us free.”

Joseph Alois Ratzinger

29th October 2014

 3:00 am

“The bible teaches that women brought sin and death into the world, that she precipitated the fall of the race, that she was arraigned before the judgement seat of Heaven, tried, condemned and sentenced. Marriage for her was to be a condition of bondage, maternity a period suffering and anguish, and in silence and subjection, she was to play the role of a dependent on man's bounty for all her material wants, and for all the information she might desire… Here is the Bible position of woman briefly summed up.”

Elizabeth Cady Stanton1815 – 1902

28th October 2014

 3:00 am

“The truth is that the Bible endorses all sorts of attitudes and behaviors that we find unacceptable (and illegal) today and decries others that we recognize as no big deal. Leviticus prohibits interracial marriage, endorses slavery and forbids women to wear trousers. Deuteronomy calls for brides who are found not to be virgins to be stoned to death, and for adulterers to be summarily executed.”

Jay Bakker

27th October 2014

 3:00 am

“Like the Bruce Willis character in The Sixth Sense, religion carries on about its business, unaware that it has passed over.”

Thomas Sutcliffe