20th February 2018

 3:00 am

“Atheists don't need anything from the Army. We don't have special dietary needs like some religions. We don't need copies of 'holy' books printed and distributed to us at taxpayer expense. We don't need time off from work to attend services. We don't need chaplains to visit us or perform ceremonies for us. We would just really like it if our leaders wouldn't publicly disparage us for not believing in the supernatural. That's it. It's not too much to ask for.”

Lt. Wayne Adkins

19th February 2018

 3:00 am

“Experts have pointed out that policymakers seem unclear about their rationale for wooing the faith sector. The same lack of clarity creates the opposite problem for secular critics: the impression that unreconstructed religious values are being smuggled in through the back door.”

Alex Klaushofer

18th February 2018

 3:00 am

“The Vatican is its own sovereign state and its 800 nightgown wearing residents guard an ungodly fortune worth more than 50 billion dollars. Which is why, despite their modest numbers, the Pope and his crew can afford to dedicate every moment of every blessed day to making life hell for billions of the rest of us.”

Penn Jillette

17th February 2018

 3:00 am

“All other religions [except Islam] allow some arguments against their deities without resorting to violence. Theirs is the logic of 'If you don't say my religion is peaceful, I will kill you'.”

Douglas Murray

16th February 2018

 3:00 am

“Some religious people like to claim that religion is sensible, intelligent and rational. Why, then, is there so much debate, rumbling on for thousands of years to no conclusion? Even those theologians who believe in the same God seem incapable of agreeing with each other on trivial points of doctrine.”

Duncan Jones