28th November 2014

 3:00 am

“There's no blasphemy among free nations, only orthodoxy and those who seek to challenge it.”

Jonathan Turley

27th November 2014

 3:00 am

“Nietzsche, of course, wasn't arguing for a literal death of a deity, nor was he claiming that religion had disappeared from the world. He was making a narrower argument, that in his culture (19th century Europe), the concept of god had lost its material and moral authority.”

P. Z. Myers

26th November 2014

 3:00 am

“That religious hospitals would jeopardize their patients' lives rather than perform a medically necessary abortion is not mere speculation, it is documented fact.”

Nancy Northup

25th November 2014

 3:00 am

“Science cannot challenge faith, which by its very nature, does not require evidence. But science does require evidence, and this evidence allows us to explain, with increasing accuracy, how the world around us works.”

Matt Walker

24th November 2014

 3:00 am

“I think the religious right is more dangerous, not less… You have a very angry group of people. Armed and dangerous. And they have a certain element of desperation.”

Frank Schaeffer