1st February 2015

 3:00 am

“Any religion that bans sex before marriage and the use of condoms, even in Third World countries where the Pontiff has said they're 'unhelpful' in the fight against AIDS, can't be taken seriously in this day and age.”

Diane Cooke

31st January 2015

 3:00 am

“After my 12 years in Northern Ireland, this is the primary lesson I learned about terrorism: it works.”

Lionel Shriver

30th January 2015

 3:00 am

“I don't see any god up here.”

Nikita Khrushchev (not Yuri Gagarin!)

29th January 2015

 3:00 am

“The Catholic Church in Ireland will continue its retreat from a position of unquestioned dominance in society for more than a century and a half, to a more humble role on its margins. 'In the painful solitude of the desert, the church must learn how to return to its fundamental mission,' Archbishop Martin has said. Some might suggest that is exactly where it belongs.”

Patsy McGarry

28th January 2015

 3:00 am

“Catholics are indoctrinated from their childhood that priests take the place of Jesus Christ and are to be obeyed at all costs, and never questioned or criticised.”

Father Tom Doyle