18th August 2018

 2:00 am

“Religion is second only to corruption and tribalism as the biggest threat to socio economic development.”

Ben Ofosu-Appiah

17th August 2018

 2:00 am

“Religious opinions need not be privileged simply because they bear the label of faith.”

Faisal al Yafai

16th August 2018

 2:00 am

“Saudi Arabia, while containing only 1% of the world's Muslim population, accounts for 90% of expenditures on Islamic religious education worldwide.”

Alex Mayer

15th August 2018

 2:00 am

“If something defies belief, a good starting position is not to believe it.”

Jamie Whyte

14th August 2018

 2:00 am

“Secularists have no objection to Roman Catholic homosexuals living celibate lives, their natural instincts held in abeyance by prayer and fasting according to the Church's teaching. But they object strongly to laws being passed by their parliaments which force secular gay men and women to live by those teachings.”

Emer O'Kelly