20th January 2019

 3:00 am

“Any parent who tortured their children for small infractions would be put in jail, but a heavenly father who puts people in hell for eternity for the same infractions is called 'perfect' and 'holy'. It's not holy. It's sick.”


19th January 2019

 3:00 am

“I don't believe in God. Atheists should get together and compose a message of enlightenment and say let's replace a belief system that is not only outdated and primitive but also very violent, with something new and humanistic and tolerant.”

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

18th January 2019

 3:00 am

“The vast majority of Christians display a remarkably blasé attitude toward their approaching day of judgement, leading lives almost indistinguishable from those of us open non-believers. Put simply, they fail the behavioural test for belief.”

Jamie Whyte

17th January 2019

 3:00 am

“Religious bigotry has fuelled the fragmentation of societies, the increase in prejudice and reactionary thinking.”

Bishop Jonathan Blake

16th January 2019

 3:00 am

“All progressive schools worth their label will, these days, boast of their efforts to teach children about each other's 'cultures'. In fact, they lie. What they are teaching is each other's religions. If they really meant culture, it would involve song, dance, art, literature, dress, drink and food; all we actually get, in most cases, are religious festivals.”

Carol Sarler