6th July 2015

 2:00 am

“Our new [US] president has made it clear: being religious is not a test one must pass in order to be part of this country.”

Nica Lalli

5th July 2015

 2:00 am

“I saw parishioners reflexively support priests who had molested children by writing glowing letters to bishops and judges, offering them jobs or even raising their bail while cursing the victims, often to their faces.”

William Lobdell

4th July 2015

 2:00 am

“Even a superstitious man has certain inalienable rights. He has a right to harbour and indulge his imbecilities as long as he pleases, provided only he does not try to inflict them upon other men by force. He has a right to argue for them as eloquently as he can, in season and out of season. He has a right to teach them to his children. But certainly he has no right to be protected against the free criticism of those who do not hold them. He has no right to demand that they be treated as sacred. He has no right to preach them without challenge.”

H.L. Mencken1880 – 1956

3rd July 2015

 2:00 am

“Only the Catholic bishops can explain why their top political priority is not poverty, abuse or war, but is stopping loving [gay] couples from marrying.”

Tim Hopkins

2nd July 2015

 2:00 am

“Man enjoys the great advantage of having a god endorse the code he writes; and since man exercises a sovereign authority over women it is especially fortunate that this authority has been vested in him by the Supreme Being. For the Jews, Mohammedans and Christians among others, man is master by divine right; the fear of God will therefore repress any impulse towards revolt in the downtrodden female.”

Simone de Beauvoir1908 – 1986