18th November 2017

 3:00 am

“The great Islamic scholar of the 19th century, Muhammad Abdo wrote that when he visited the West he found Islam but no Muslims and upon his return to the Arab world he countenanced many Muslims but no Islam.”

Lubna Hussain

17th November 2017

 3:00 am

“It's amazing how often the voice of God (to political leaders) sounds very much like their own.”

Susan Jacoby

16th November 2017

 3:00 am

“To teach in accord with the principle that there is no philosophical or ethical question that can be asked that is not answered fully by Catholic thinking is the fundamental opposite of intellectualism.”

Emer O'Kelly

15th November 2017

 3:00 am

“Subsidised religion has seldom made sense for either state or church: witness Europe's empty pews.”

The Economist

14th November 2017

 3:00 am

“From the birth of the Church it has taught the inferiority of woman. In one form or another through the various mythical legends of the various mythical creeds, runs the undercurrent of the belief in the fall of man through the persuasion of woman. From the days of Adam until now the Christian Church has made Woman the excuse, the scapegoat for the evil deeds of man.”

Voltairine de Cleyre1866 – 1912