31st August 2015

 2:00 am

“Jesus loves me, which is awkward, 'cause I only kinda like Him.”

Tom Stade

30th August 2015

 2:00 am

“In France, where the Catholic church was the sole faith, the revolutionnaires detested God as a crucial part of the ancien régime: politics, they declared, henceforth would be protected from this evil.”

The Economist

29th August 2015

 2:00 am

“India's classic erotic texts are explicit, matter of fact and non-judgemental about sex and relationships. The country has a highly evolved tradition in erotic temple sculptures and erotic texts on palm leaf. Many historians believe that the arrival of evangelical British colonials to cleanse the 'dark land of heathens' dealt a blow to a 'vision of the world that accommodated desire with such intensity and dignity.'”

Soutik Biswas

28th August 2015

 2:00 am

“Evangelizing to secular spring breakers in Florida struck me as an enormous waste of time. Why not go somewhere where Jesus would be an easier sell? Like Islamabad? Or a Christopher Hitchens dinner party?”

Kevin Roose

27th August 2015

 2:00 am

“I don't believe just because ideas are tenacious, it means that they're worthy.”

Tim Minchin