4th August 2010

“Sharia law is homophobic, sexist and anti-democratic.”

Peter Tatchell

23 Responses to “4th August 2010”

  1. Braathwaat Says:

    That’s just the tip of the iceberg! How this primitive set of dogma stipulated by men for the benefit of Muslim men is even referred to a as law (laws must be based on justice & fairness) is a real mystery.

  2. Godkilla Says:

    I agree with the quote, it’s pretty hard not to but aren’t they just brazenly deploying a totalitarian approach that most – at least the abrahamic – religions would love to adopt if they thought they could get away with it?

  3. solomon Says:

    “Sharia law is homophobic, sexist and anti-democratic.”
    Those who says and believe this is ignorant, liars & hypocrates.

  4. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Abu Bakr, the Prophet’s successor and father-in-law, condemned a homosexual to be buried beneath the debris of a wall, and prescribed burning alive as the penalty for all those guilty of such practices. You cannot argue that such beliefs are anything but bigoted and evil.

    According to the Sharia, despite declarations of the equality of the sexes before God, women are considered inferior to men, and have fewer rights and responsibilities. A woman counts as half a man in giving evidence in a court of law, or in matters of inheritance. Her position is less advantageous than a man’s with regard to marriage and divorce. A husband has the moral and religious right and duty to beat his wives for disobedience or for perceived misconduct. A woman does not have the right to choose her husband, or her place of residence, to travel freely or have freedom in her choice of clothing. Women have little or no autonomy and are deemed to need the protection of their fathers, husbands or other male relatives throughout their lives. Any conduct that undermines the idea of male supremacy will fall foul of the Sharia. You cannot argue that such a faith considers women as equal to men.

    Sharia describes a theocracy, a form of government in which a state is governed by immediate divine guidance or by officials who are regarded as divinely guided. This stands in both contrast and opposition to democracy where right to govern is derived by the will of the people. You cannot argue that theocracy is compatible with democracy.

    I think that only an imbecile would attempt to argue against the obvious accuracy of the quote.

  5. solomon Says:

    All lies & deception. No need to bother. Should refer to reliable resources for info regarding sharia.

  6. PEB Says:

    The problem with Sharia lawa is that you don’t know where Sharia beings and Islam ends. The two are inextricably linked and this can never be right.
    Basing modern law on ancient texts is a complete joke. Even theists should understand the law must be secular so that everyone receives the same level of justice.

  7. Grumpy Old Git Says:

    I agree with Peter but would add that the laws allegedly given by the Judeo Christian god to Moses are equally homophobic, sexist and anti demographic. What does that say about the Abrahamic religions in general?

  8. Hypatia Says:


    Should refer to reliable resources

    As you’ve failed to provide any links to these resources we’ll assume your talking bullshit.

  9. Hypatia Says:


    All lies & deception

    Which of CaptainZero’s points do you refute and why?

    Your unusually terse posts today give the game away – you can’t refute them!

  10. Father Time Says:

    I can’t say that it’s the Koran that causes a husband to beat his wife, but when I was a translator in Holland and we condemned some men for beating their wives, they would pull out the Koran and say, ‘Look here, Chapter 4, Verse 34, gives me a reason, and in fact even obligates me, to beat my wife if she’s disobedient.’ -Ayaan Hirsi Ali

    Women and girls who don’t dress appropriately spread promiscuity in society. When promiscuity spreads, earthquakes increase. There is no way other than taking refuge in religion and adapting ourselves to Islamic behavior. –Hojatoleslam Kazim Sadeghi, Iranian prayer leader

    Let us remember that those who have sought nature’s truths have not persecuted their neighbors. The astronomers and chemists have forged no chains and built no dungeons. The geologists have invented no instruments of torture. The philosophers have not demonstrated the truths of their theories by burning others. The great infidels, the thinkers have lived for the good of humankind. Intellectual liberty is the fresh air of the universe and the sunshine of the soul. Without it, the universe is a prison. -Robert G. Ingersoll

  11. Atheros Says:

    Great Quote!

  12. solomon Says:

    All propagated lies. No need to bother. Will end nowhere.

  13. solomon Says:

    Lies are very easy to spout and of no value.

  14. archaeopteryx Says:

    “Lies are very easy to spout and of no value. – solomon”

    My irony meter has broken – again.

  15. Doubting Thomas Says:

    Its very quick to scroll over sols missives today – seems he is alittle lost for anything to say – even rubbish

  16. captainzero1969 Says:

    Sol – you accuse me of being a liar. Where did I lie? Can you give an example of where your religion does not condemn homosexuals? Can you give an example of where it says women have standing equal to men? Can you demonstrate an example where a true democracy coexists and is not subject to sharia “law”? If you cannot argue the merits of your position, if all you have is name calling, then I think we here know which position is strong and which is as pathetically feeble as the dim wit that espouses it.

    Defend your position with an actual argument and actual evidence. If you can’t, an honest person would reevaluate their position. Are you honest?

  17. Hypatia Says:


    All propagated lies

    Your the liar. You have no truthful answers to CaptainZero so you just make terse dismissive comments. A bit different to your usual rambling nonsense.

    Ka, ka, ka, ka, ka, ka, ka, ka!

  18. Alavi Says:

    Sharia law explicitly states the people who engage in gay sex should be stoned or hung. This is not a propagated lie, it says so right in the book. Words cannot be denied, sol. And in this case it does not matter what context this verse is placed under, it means exactly what it says. read it, it is very clear.

  19. solomon Says:

    I’am not pointing to certain cases Alavi. Don’t twist my statements.

    ‘Defend your position with an actual argument and actual evidence.’

    One does’nt need to respond to a certain lie Captn’. It will end to nowhere. Its only a waste of time.
    A lie will remain a lie.

  20. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    If you assert I’ve lied, show us all where. Otherwise, shut your gob.

  21. solomon Says:

    TRUTH…yes…worth defending..

  22. Godkilla Says:

    This is fascinating! Truth comes with evidence Sol, where is yours to refute the Captain?

  23. solomon Says:

    Even if I provide tons of evidence, your lots will still ask..”Where is the evidence?”