23rd August 2010

“If people of faith want to continue to enjoy their right to freely express their religion, we may have to stomach remarks that are sometimes offensive to our faith.”

Corey Hodges

9 Responses to “23rd August 2010”

  1. Tony Provenzano Says:

    Yes they will. “Remarks” and/or “drawings.”

  2. YourSkepticalGuy Says:

    Too funny – the quote suggests that this is optional/conditional. Irrespective of whether one wants to continue to have freedom from/of religion, they do have to tolerate remarks that will be offensive to their faith, whatever their faith.


  3. teddy Says:

    oh, Such a big deal !!!! who wrote this ????? Rev. Thinskin ????

  4. John Says:

    The times where, as a life long Atheist I have felt as if I were living in a society that was mimicking the “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” movie is now starting to show signs; that that movie “is” coming to an end. You see it appears that more and more… may be getting the freedom from “Cure” and thus are starting to express themselves in cured ways.

  5. Margaret Says:

    The right to freely express religious ideas only becomes a problem when believers use force to make their ideas the only option. For example, the county in the Bible Belt I grew up in is “dry”, no alcholic beverages can be sold in the stores or served in the restaurants. The churches were not happy to stop there, they got together to try to push a law onto the biggest town in the county (population around 15, 000) to close ALL business on Sunday–bowling alleys, movie theaters, stores, anything and everything, except hospitals/nursing homes. The proponents of the proposed city ordinance proudly wrote in the local newspaper that their intent was to knock out all competition to the churches, to eliminate any “distractions”. A vote was taken, and lost by a NARROW margin.

    Now, if it had passed, what would they have done next? Kill all the cable feeds to the town to eliminate unholy TV and its distracting influence? Have the city library only stock pre-approved religious books? Outlaw personal computers? Add the Muslim Sabbath of Thursday (haha, yeah right), or Saturday (a Sabbath to other sects)? When would enough restrictions come to pass to make the typical believer start to squirm?

  6. holysmokes Says:

    Oh my Margaret! If they take away Sunday morning television, how will I get to watch my favorite alcohol ladden televangelists???? I hope they allow me to at least TeVo them!

  7. Margaret Says:

    HaHa, the town had its own Christian Broadcast Television station, and more local Christian radio preachers than you can imagine, so I guess they would not cut the feed to them.

    I tolerated them, because I could turn them off and ignore them, and working in a hospital, the Blue Laws did not affect my work. But if anyone tried to criticise the Way Things Are in the Best Small Town on Earth, get ready to fight.

  8. The Heretic Says:

    “People who don`t like their beliefs being laughed at shouldn`t have such funny beliefs.

  9. solomon Says:

    I seem to like that town & its believers.