20th November 2010

“Surely anyone who feels that sexuality is a choice must be bisexual? I have never seen a response from evangelists on this point.”


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  1. tech Says:

    Stupid quote,no one on this site cares what an envangelists thinks your all atheists.

  2. GreatEighthSin Says:

    No, it’s not a matter of it being a choice or not, it’s a matter of it being “natural”. Sorry, but it’s 100% natural.

    If genetic, it’s obviously natural

    If it’s choice, then isn’t choice replicable in every human being? You choose to go on vacation, you choose to retire? Since choice is something every human being (and even animal) has acquired, then it’s obviously natural.

    Then of course it they get huffy puffy and start dealing out VERY specific details of what a gay person does in bed like they have pictured it in their mind over and over. Which only furthers the proof of the stereotypes for homophobes.

    @Tech: Run out of wit, I see. Well, if you can’t contribute anything of substance, then don’t contribute at all.

  3. Dan Says:

    I agree that this quote isn’t great as it is. I think the quote would have been dead on if it was slightly re-worded to say:

    “Surely anyone who feels that sexuality is a choice must have started as bisexual?”

    Now that would be correct. If it’s a choice, there has to have been a point at which you hadn’t made that choice, and could potentially go either way. That’s bisexuality.

    @Tech: You JUST noticed that we’re atheists???

  4. Doubting Thomas Says:

    Coming as I do from the generation born during WW2 growing up when homosexuality/bi-sexuality was not as overt as now I have learned mostly from younger people tolerance towards those who are. This is a choice I have made. The other choice I have made is not to Bang on about my own hetro tendencies. I don’t think anyone would be interested. However those of us who are homo/bi sexual seem to need to shout it from the rooftops. This has become boring – whether they are theists or atheist. We have a lot more important issues eg catholic institutional pedophiles, muslim enslavement of Western society to deal with.

  5. tech Says:

    D T your about the first to make good solid sense on this site in a long time.

  6. Atheist MC Says:

    I think the sexuality is a choice thing promotes a dangerous false dichotomy. It does not follow that if homosexuality is genetic it is OK, but if it’s a choice it is not. It is nobody’s business either way who a person loves or how they love.

    DT It would be great if sexuality wasn’t a constant subject of conversation, but until there is true gender equality and the “moral majority” stop making it hard for GLBT community to live their lives without discrimination, we/they will have to keep shouting.

  7. CaptainZero Says:

    I have a conservative but non-religious friend that started in about the ‘gay agenda’ and their ‘lifestyle choices’. So I asked him “when you were an adolescent was it a difficult choice when you decided to be heterosexual?” He said it wasn’t a conscious choice he’d made. So I asked why he’d then suppose that it’s a conscious choice for gay people.

  8. Mike G. Says:

    Also, what difference would it be if it were indeed, a choice? Can we not make choices anymore? That is such a bad argument: “Well it is a choice.” So freaking what? I, just like everyone, make a choice as to whom I ‘know’,in the Biblical sense ;), why is it suddenly illegal if it is of the same sex?

    Point being, even if it wasn’t biologically encoded, we make decisions all the time, why is this one any different?

  9. Simon Says:

    Homosexuality is an aberration in the eyes of the lord.

    But then again if anyone has any lesbian videos they want to share don’t be coy.

  10. Wat Duino Says:

    I’m not sure why his homo/hetero sexual quote is even on this site, although the topic does seem to agitate the Christian right. I wonder: how do atheist, in general, feel about homosexuality? We obviously don’t believe that “God hates fags”, so what do we believe? Personally I think homosexuality in any species is a natural aberration: it will not allow the species to procreate. As to our species, I’m happy to live and let live, but enough with the “gay pride” stuff. Homosexuality is something to be proud of? Should I be “proud to be straight”?
    And, no, I did not “choose” to be heterosexual rather than homosexual… that was assigned to me by the Universe. I’m not any ” better” for being hetero, but I’m sure my life is easier than being gay.

    Tech: “your” is the possessive form of “you”; ” you’re” is the contracted form of “you are”.

  11. tech Says:

    Well what do you no. wat duino ?

  12. Dan Says:

    If you have something that’s not childish to add to the conversation, then please do start doing so. Otherwise, if comments like these are all that you have to offer, then please leave.

  13. Wat Duino Says:

    It is not my intent to make fun of or to belittle you. But I would like to know something of your background. I will give you my general profile and perhaps you will do the same.
    Here goes: I am a white male just over age 65 with two children and two grandchildren. I am 6 years married to my third wife: we have no children. My first two marriages (10 yrs and 22 yrs) each produced a son. One son is a very religious Christian: the other not so much. My parents were married to each other for over 60 years and were true believers (Methodists) to the end. I attended Sunday School and Church until I left home for college at age 17. I did not attend Church thereafter and really never gave religion much thought until the last few years. Over the years I had visits from the Jehovah Witnesses and would typically just shoo them away. After I retired in 2003 I took the time to engage them in conversation and began to see how religion in general was pretty ridiculous. The more I read and contemplate, the more convinced I am that ALL religions are simply human constructs, created by men in order to control men. This has nothing to do with my spirituality, which I feel is just beginning to develop.
    How about you?

  14. pbonfanti Says:

    The trouble is a little far.Supose god is the creator, and make humans with sexual organs and desires, some of then are bad to the eyes of the “father”, but was him what made them himself of course, if this thing happens is only the designer what have to blame himself.
    In genetic side, exist variations in animal species and humans are animals.A horse or a dog donĀ“t fear eternal punishment