26th November 2010

“The Catholic Church was a religion laced throughout the substrate of Western culture; everyone was Catholic and being anything else was not tenable because the Catholic Church would set you on fire.”

P. Z. Myers

8 Responses to “26th November 2010”

  1. GreatEighthSin Says:

    …and then came the rise of the Protestant.

    Then they say science is wrong because it’s always changing. Huh!?

  2. tech Says:

    Regardless of name God will always have true followers.Catholic is just that, a name.God is looking for people who will trust Him and follow his laws.Religion is just a name.Jesus Christ ,Gods dear son paid the price for my sins.His word the Bible shows me how to live.What the Catholic or any church for that matter says,don’t mean a lot to me. I do not worship a church.

  3. holysmokes Says:

    Where EXACTLY is the logic in stating that Jesus died for your sins? You are responsible for your own actions, just like everyone else Tech. Stating that a god would choose to kill his own kid makes about as much sense as bringing a football to the opera. The whole, “Jesus dying for your sins” premise is completely absurd. Not to mention the fact that even if it were true, then your god did his kid a favor by getting him off this pathetic planet and bringing him to a better place. There is NO sacrifice in that. For once in your life, think about it. You have no evidence to support the validity of a god, yet you constantly spout off about it. Stop being so gullible and pathetic.

    Regarding the quote: When people are convinced they are right, regardless of the truth, they will often times use any extreme to protect their point of view and way of life. Religions routinely reinforce this human trait.

  4. Ernie Says:

    The church would still like to set us on fire. Fortunately they no longer have that kind of power. It is shooting itself in it’s own foot on a daily basis by trying to uphold outdated ideas and control people with ridiculous anti-human proclamations.

    Yep Catholic is just a name. It follows then that God is just a name as is Jesus Christ and the Bible is just words in a book. These are just names and words that have such a hold on so many people. What?

    I wonder where the morality is in vicarious atonement? Even our earthly legal systems try to avoid making such a heinous mistake.

  5. Dan Says:

    No, you don’t worship a church, you worship something that doesn’t exist as part of a church, for no other reason than you being told all your life that they’re correct and not to question it. That’s the same sort of certain that has led people to commit heinous acts throughout history – “we’re right, and don’t question our authority.”

  6. tech Says:

    I don’t agree with you Dan I’m not forced to do what do as a matter of fact I enjoy what do.I try to live the way Jesus taught us when he was on earth.Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Light.He is my Savior.What ever you think you are free to do so.I stand on the” SOLID ROCK” Christ Jesus. Dan, he is and will always be the only one who will tell me what to do through His word.Its really all I need.

  7. Ernie Says:

    For someone who is not religious your sure proselytize a lot Tech.

  8. Dan Says:

    Tech, you’re proselytizing AND you don’t agree with my previous comment? Which is it? You can’t have it both ways.