13th April 2010

“If we're all God's children, what's so special about Jesus?”

Jimmy Carr

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  1. solomon Says:

    We’re all including Jesus is not God’s children.We’re all God’s creations or in other words “slaves”.God does not need childrens.Jesus is special because he was granted with miracles and is selected by God to tell humans the existence of the true and only God and to obey his rules.Miracles of Jesus includes

    1. He was born without a father(if you think this is not true, think again…does the 1st. human exists with a father or a mother?).
    2. Could speak to people since he was in the cradle.
    3. He can make a carved bird made of clay chirping alive and flying.
    4. He can heal the blind.
    5. He can heal leprosy.
    6. He can make a dead man(Lazarus) to be alive.
    7. He tell you what you eat and what you store up in your homes.
    8. He can send down from heaven a table laden with food.(the last supper)

  2. GodKiller Says:


    I know you think you’re making a valid point but all of the ‘evidence’ you point to has absolutely no proof anywhere to back it up. Each of the instances you refer to in your email merely represent a tiny portion of a farrago of fables and camp fire stories rehashed and clumsily bolted together in the bible. There are so many contradictions and patently infantile demands and expectations in this work of fiction we know as the bible that we must conclude that it is entirely man made. You simply cannot expect resonable, free thinking, rational and logical people to take you and your ‘siblings’ seriously.

  3. Alavi Hossain Says:

    exactly. ur statements, solomon, have as much proof to back them up as does the story of athena’s birth in greek mythology (religion). im thinking you’re going to say something like “how can liar-man like yourself be man of truth? all other lying religious gods is bluffs. only i am beholder of true god, allah, his truth. evidence is all around us for gods works in my butt. if he real, then so is what god say in proofless books. u r running from truth in my heart. my advice, get back to dog, i mean god. u ill be much happier to be wandering slave-man.”

    and what is so special about jesus? he certainly was an incredibly moralistic philosopher, but if he actually did preach half the things people wrote down, i may have to change my mind about him. no other books outside of the gospels write about jesus and his so-called miracles.

  4. John Says:

    A cash cow!

  5. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Biblical, Koranic or Talmudic proofs are no proof at all. All such piffle has at their base a highly imperfect and deeply suspect foundation, namely “eye witness accounts”. People get convicted wrongly of crimes all the time based on such “evidence”. Are we to believe that oral traditions written down decades removed from the events in question and then argued over by committee are somehow immune to the deficiencies of a trans-generational game of telephone? And shouldn’t we stop to to consider the strange fact that reports of the miraculous have decreased in inverse proportion to the advance of scientific rationalism?

  6. solomon Says:

    Dear GodKillYou (GodKiller),

    If so & so you say its only fairy tales, how about clean water coming down from the sky (rain). How would you accout for that? Would you call it fiction too? I don’t want to hear about the scientific explaination (evaporation stuffs) behind it.The fact that its possible to happened and it did happen.

  7. solomon Says:

    Dear Alavi Hossain,

    Youre not just a debunking Idiot, youre a condemned fool.Youre comparing those silly Greek gods with Allah Almighty?Nothins is of match with Allah.Truth does’nt come from Liars.Truth comes from sincere downright people, not fro hypocrates like you.Your hapiness will be short lived, only on this brief instance on earth. You will suffer for the rest of your existence…in Hell of course for your bad words on God.
    No other books outside of the gospels write about jesus and his so-called miracles is because they have no knowledge of it you Scum!

  8. solomon Says:

    Dear John,

    After this would you want me to call you ‘Johnny Cash’ or ‘Johhny Cow’?

  9. Atheist MC Says:

    The mythical Jesus (there may have been a real man, I’m talking about the Christian interpretation) seems to me to be a Platonic idea, which given the Greco/Judeo origins of Christianity makes sense. In his Theory of Forms Plato argues that there is aperfect metaphorical essence of everything that is imperfectly realised in the material world. For example there may be a perfect essence of doughnut to which all actual doughnuts aspire. I think the Christ figure is an attempt at the perfect essence of man.

  10. tech Says:

    God gave them over to reprobate mind. A thought is repeated here that has already been hinted and is often taught in Scriptures. The man who turns from the truth will be allowed to have his own way, will fall deeper and deeper into error,and will reap all the evil consequences of loving darkness rather than light.Those who hate the truth are given over to a reprobate mind. A reprobate mind is one rejected by God.Which are not convenient.Not decent or honorable.

  11. The Heretic Says:

    I feel that rule #1 and rule #2 need to applied again.

  12. stevemon Says:

    .solomon is right, We’re allas not God’s children. creations or in other words “slaves”. As allah does not need childrens except for recreational uses .Jesus is special because he was miracleous and is discovered how to as selected by God to tell humans point the finger to the sky and caught manna, the existence to obey his rules.Miracles of Allahjeesus includes
    1. He was born without a mother(if you think this is not true, think again…does the 1st. human exists with a father or a mother?).
    2. Noisy baby in cradle that speaks to people of ear infections.
    3. He can make a finger up in the air – .first ‘bird’ and caught manna flying.
    4. He can give hearing to the blind.
    5. We can heal bacterial leprosy with evil .rifampicin, clofazimine and dapsone, but He healed it with manna caught on middle finger and annointed or glazed in virgin’s blood.
    6. He can make a dead man(Lazarus) to be alive, but only for alittle while.
    7. He tell you what you eat and where to buyat your store for your homes.
    8. He can send down from heaven a table laden with food.(doughnuts)
    Doughnuts must suffice until He can catch more manna on finger for feeds the masses real and true meaning of Holy =Doughnut.

  13. steve Says:

    The answer to the quote is simple.


    There is no god, we are not god’s children.

    The quote merely emphasizes the flaws of interpretation for ‘holy’ books.

  14. solomon Says:

    Thats all you can rant steve,
    Youre out of argument or out of your mind.

  15. solomon Says:

    Atheists=liar=hypocrate=gay=retards the biological norms(does not help reproduction)
    Can you trust to these groups of people?

  16. steve Says:

    OK Heretic, I am now convinced.

    If there is a god and if that god has children, some of those children have gone off their meds. I expect incoherent ranting from Sollie, but even Tech was off in the twilight zone today.

    In the name of all that is holey, I will use #1 and #2 rules for the remainder of April, 2010.

  17. tech Says:

    I’m off ????? who’s comparing God to donuts? Reprobates.

  18. Holysmokes Says:

    The proper response to the quote is simple. We are not the children of any god. There can be nothing special about a mythological creature such as Jesus, except in folklore/imagination. For those of you who wonder how I know this, the answer is the same as always. A 100% lack of evidence to the contrary. Evidence doesn’t lie. Humans do, even when writings books. The sooner you realize the truth of these statements, the better off you will be.

  19. John Says:

    The only liars here are the ones that lie to themselves and the world by embracing and then proclaiming to the world their fairy tales.

    Should man disappear from the Earth today; the myth of gods would parish with humanity for it is only just a creation of man or most likely with ever increasing evidence; a delusion of the more childish side of the human mind and it’s fantasies.

  20. John Says:

    Stevemon: makes since to me!!!

  21. PEB Says:

    Jesus probably never existed but the image most christians have of him is certainly a lie. Instead of the six foot, long haired white man he would have been around 5 foot 3 inches, 110 pounds and very dark skinned.
    The original celebrity touch-up job.

  22. Atheist MC Says:

    who’s comparing God to donuts? Nobody! We are comparing gods the Donut. Please do not malign her supreme jaminess.

  23. steve Says:

    Thanks PEB – and if he existed, it is not likely that he was blue-eyed or single, either.

  24. Atheist MC Says:

    Oh great Donut, hear my prayer: grant me an edit button and forgive my html faux pas, I am but a lowly tho’ evolved ape who cannot cancel his [/blockquotes].

  25. solomons soldier Says:

    solomon and stevomonz is correcting. i haz seen allah in my heart and felt him in my kneecaps. i can also haz a cheezburger without creation? no stupids. evidence is all around world except antarctica. do not be biological blind, disregard these fake homosex genetics and bluffing bichemistries in astronomy. they are liars to destroy true allah, not fake allah. they are hypocrates because of consistency and logical, not random faiths like me and smarts in the world. GET BACK TO ALLAH, U SHALL REGRET NOT DOING THIS WHEN HE POOPS ON FOREHEAD IN AFTER AND MIDDLE LIFE!!

  26. Alavi Hossain Says:

    actually there are writings of jesus from outside sources. just not in regard to his amazing miracles people claim in the bible and the quran. im not doubting his existence, only the ridiculous claims such as his birth. i guess mary had been impregnated with sperm from jupiter while in her sleep during the summer solstice huh? and it’s not lying if im stating an opinion. it’s lying when people like you say that biologists fake methods and practices of science in order to destroy religion. it does do so in many cases outside of evolutionary biology as well, but thats just a bonus which i accept graciously. how is it even sane to think that a human being was born without any sexual encounter whatsoever? if that were the case, then gays should be celebrating! how is it logical to think that a human being actually rose from the dead and ascended to a cosmic candy land to play checkers with god until the day of judgment? somethings cannot ever disproven, but they certainly can be disregarded when they’re just downright ridiculous.

  27. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Um…did (r)sol really attribute evaporation/condensation to god above? Just when I though he couldn’t reach a lower intellectual plane.

    P.S. You can’t compare God to Donuts (PBUT). Donuts actually taste good. Very unlike those shitty little human sacrifice wafers they made me choke down as a kid.

  28. solomon Says:

    Dear Alavi Hossain,

    There maybe other sources or writings on Jesus miracles but none will be as accurate & true as the Qoran.Now youre only familiar with the norms in biology.Jesus birth was not a norm in biology.It is an example to show what God can do.A knowledge that only God knows that is beyond your imagination.Test tube babies were born without sexual encounter.But Gods techniques is more refined so as to make Mary impregnated.Flowers can pollinate(impregnate) their mate hundreds of miles away.Use a little bit of creativity Alavi.
    Its only you that made it look rediculous.Theres nothing near to truth as what you have described.You are only making a mockery out of it.God has the ability to make dead decomposed scattered skeleton bodies reassemble and alive.If God can make it possible the first time, then why could’nt he make it possible for the second or consecutive time?

  29. Alavi Hossain Says:

    muhammad ib’n titty fucking abdullah! are you listening to yourself? the biggest problem is, ur going off the basis that there is a god. in order to have a proper argument, u need to explain ur stance through logical and coherent means OUTSIDE the quran. theres no way to converse with you if you keep assuming me or anyone else believes in a god. there is no scientific proof of a virgin birth, you ar-tard. if you believe that there are things that can go beyond the laws of science, you can believe in anything! test tube babies are made because sperm is taken from a male and inserted into a female. during the time that jesus lived, they obviously didnt have this technology. there HAS to be a joining of the sperm and the egg in order for a baby to be able to form. ur essentially saying god (a celestial-inexplicable-invisible-omnipotent-being) ejaculated into mary. do you know why flowers can pollinate from long distances? because of bugs and wind. they carry the pollen from one flower over to another so that fertilization can take place. it’s not some magical communication force that each individual plant has. creativity can only go so far in the natural world, it becomes pure insanity after that. i cant even begin to argue with ur last point. aside from it being ridiculous, ur again assuming i believe in a god.

  30. John Says:

    Alavi Hossain:

    The delusions old sollie spouts are true; after all, fantasies are prefect and one can believe in anything in the delusional mind. Is sollie not a fundamentalist follower of the deadliest lies ever told? You almost have to feel sorry and have pity for him.

  31. solomon Says:

    Dear Alavi,
    I’am not assuming you believe in God but to knock to your sense that there is God.
    You are talking about your Lousy technology.Look at what you or your ancestors are made of?Which have been created millions of years ago.Isn’t that higher than your fu***n’ technology you stupid Bastard!!!
    As I’ve implied earlier you don’t have to explain to me the process of reproduction or pollination.You think I don’t know all that fuc**n stuffs.I’am talking about higher knowledge which have not been known to man that only God knows.Thats my point.

  32. Alavi Hossain Says:

    jesus christ dude. ur just telling me that god did this and god did that. u have to show me that it actually happened before plugging god into the picture. otherwise ur using a statement that cannot create any conversation. u have lowered the level of intellectual thought in this forum so drastically, i fear for the world if there are actually millions of others like you. what special material are we made from that any other species isn’t? we’re composed of all the same core elements. and come to think of it, we lack a lot of things that other animals do have, such as nocturnal vision or gills. why does a human have a spleen, solomon? it has absolutely no function or benefit in the body! was god just being a comedian when he inserted that? what higher knowledge does a god posess that we don’t? just because we don’t know something at the moment, that doesnt mean it’s a god, u fucktard. go read something that has a richer vocabulary than a dr. suess book. but i guess dr. suess’s books make some sense.

  33. solomon Says:

    Dear Alavi,

    Everything that God puts in your body would surely have its functions including your shit!
    If you want to know the function of the spleen….

    Production of opsonins, properdin, and tuftsin.
    Creation of red blood cells.
    Storage of half the body’s monocytes so that upon injury they can migrate to the injured tissue and transform into dendritic cells and macrophages and so assist wound healing.

    Surgical removal causes:

    * modest increases in circulating white blood cells and platelets,
    * diminished responsiveness to some vaccines,
    * increased susceptibility to infection by bacteria and protozoa

  34. Alavi Hossain Says:

    sorry i meant appendix. not spleen. my mistake. but let me add a few more: male nipples, our tail bones, wisdom teeth, body hair. whats the use of those?

  35. Amy Says:

    sorry i meant appendix. not spleen. my mistake. but let me add a few more: male nipples, our tail bones, wisdom teeth, body hair. whats the use of those?