16th April 2010

“An apple? Have you ever been tempted by an apple? I would have been like, 'cover it in caramel and come back to me. You got any cake back there?'”

Jim Gaffigan

16 Responses to “16th April 2010”

  1. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Heh heh heh! Saw Gaffigan live once. Funny man. He also said “I don’t know much about the bible myself. I haven’t read it. ‘Cause I don’t have to. ‘Cause I’m a Catholic.”

  2. solomon Says:

    Jim Gaffigan is just a fine example of a pure hypocrate.Making fun of his own religion.

  3. solomon Says:

    The plight of the Atheists is only to sway themselves & others from the true path due to boast & arrogance.They are not in any way seeking truth.

  4. sam Says:

    Solomon, you yourself are a hypocrite. You don’t seek the truth, you hide behind your religion.

  5. solomon Says:

    Your accusations are just for the sake of condemning.No need to bother.

  6. j sutton Says:

    I was once tempted by an apple but I chose a Windows PC instead. Plenty of bugs but no snakes.

  7. j sutton Says:

    Have you ever been tempted to kill 3000 people on the promise of 72 virgins.

  8. Stevemon Says:

    The.Infidel Gaffigan lies with hippocrate- he really wanted HOT POCKETS!

  9. Rozmarija Grauds Says:

    No mention of an apple – key is the FOLLY to think there is any true “Knowledge” of good and evil, terms used for positive and negative, constructive and destructive, because regardless of what human reason imagines results of choices will be, the Law of Unintended Consequences, rules. The symbol of fruit is used because no matter how and where its seeds are planted, the results are unpredictable. Once humans left the hunter-gatherer lifestyle (Eden) , failure at constructing successful societies was inevitable. TV and radio news blasts out the failures every hour.

  10. j sutton Says:

    I was once tempted to use crab apples but had to make do with horse chestnuts. This is a “find the quote” game. Any takers?

  11. steve Says:

    So many responses, so little of the work week left!

    j. sutton, to be tempted by an ‘applet’ like that might be a ‘Catch-22’. are there rules to the game?

    Captain, I wonder how much of that quote was said in a high pitched ‘aside’? Do you think it is possible that (r)sol hears those voices as well?

    Rozmarija, interesting construct. I guess a lot of your take depends upon how you want to define a successful society. In one sense, if you are listening on TV and radio news, you must, by definition, be in at least a remnant of a successful cooperative society.

    Most importantly: j. sutton, please do not feed the trolls any ideas about killing and virgins. Holey Moley! Does anyone know which continent he lives on? I am starting to worry. Where ever he lives, I hope they have socialized health care so that he can get some medications.

    To the AQOTD: The term ‘apple’ was used kind of like the word ‘corn’ – ‘apple’ applied to a whole lot of fruits, and corn covered all kinds of grains. In Latin, the words for ‘apple’ and for ‘evil’ are similar in the singular (malus — apple, malum — evil) and identical in the plural (mala). This may also have influenced the apple’s becoming interpreted as the biblical ‘forbidden fruit’. Ah Wiki! How god like you are!

    ‘Evil’ with caramel on top would be even better with ‘corn’ (walnuts, for me).

  12. tech Says:

    Steve I think all you need is the caramel.As for the fruit and nuts its seems you already have enough for a fruit cake.

  13. steve Says:

    Good one Tech! That’s more like it! Feels good to have a sense of humor, doesn’t it? Well done.

    So Tech, have you ever heard Gaffigan? My first response was not so positive, but he grows on you.

  14. tech Says:

    No just today.

  15. j sutton Says:

    Well done, Steve. Indeed C22 is one of the few books I have read so do not expect a good quote game from me as I would struggle to keep up with some of the people here. I may have started something I cannot finish.

  16. steve Says:

    Speaking of tempting with applets, how does this ‘sorta’ quote grab you? (Obviously I have paraphrased it.)

    “If a man finds a virgin, whether she is willing or not, and he jumps her bones, then he must pay her Dad fifty quarters because he’s humbled her. He may not get rid of her his whole life.”