1st August 2010

“The sacred qualities of bread and wine are also echoed in other cults of corn and wine gods. Christianity is not as new or novel as most of us have been brought up to believe.”

Andrew Alexander

11 Responses to “1st August 2010”

  1. teddy Says:

    per today’s quote:

    SO WHAT ?????? doesnt matter if HOGWASH is new or old………….it’s

  2. solomon Says:

    teddy(the lousy bear)..in case you miss my reply on 31st July.

    Then how do you explain other creations that have come into existence and with no hands mending it . You are talking about a single dimension of your lousy essence, “measurements”. Then how would you measure dreams, ideas? The end of the universe, does it have ends? Do you think measurement can justify everything??
    Don’t try to fool me with your lousy out of date useless rants.

  3. Braathwaat Says:

    Their isn’t a story in the bible that hadn’t been told before by some pagan religion.

  4. Atheist MC Says:

    Christianity was far from novel. It’s the sun god story reframed in the light of judeo/greco myths. All religions plagiarise,

  5. PEB Says:

    …the moon god Allah being a particular favourite of Arab paganists.

  6. solomon Says:

    Invisible forces is much stronger than visible forces, it can move heavenly bodies. Can an oil tanker move a mountain? That’s how god works, invisibly. And there don’t have to be any supernatural involvement. Its just real.

  7. Admin Says:


    You’re posting off-topic again and posting general abuse (I’ve deleted today’s example). If this continues I’ll have to ban you for a week.

    Today’s topic is plagiarism and the pagan origins of Christian rituals.

  8. solomon Says:

    Thousand apology Admin.
    What about for a change once in a while you post quotes from theists.

  9. Admin Says:

    post quotes from theists

    Ok, see tomorrow.

  10. Braathwaat Says:

    Sol, The universe consists of space, time and matter/energy. None of these things are infinite so the universe does have an end & nothing is beyond it.

  11. solomon Says:

    I cannot reply your comments coz its out of todays quote/topic.