31st July 2010

“God's guidance is the only excuse for a man who can't find a better justification for his actions.”


13 Responses to “31st July 2010”

  1. tech Says:

    If I made a comment like that I’d wish to remain anon. too.What rubbish.

  2. solomon Says:

    …but Jesus is still a human…

  3. Edmond Says:

    Why, Tech? It just says that “God said so,” is not a good enough reason in itself for any action, since no one can be SURE that any gods ever said ANYTHING. When we can make a completely reality-based decision, weighing the pros & cons, assessing all potential harms & benefits, THEN we are in a proper position for finding good reasons to do, or not do, any action. Theists can rail against something like homosexuality, for example, all they want, but the fact is that god ALSO says, in the very same book, that eating shellfish is an abomination, but Christians (sorry Sol) never choose to uphold that particular law, despite god’s clarity on the issue. We’ll hear ALL about how Jesus came to say that he did not come to remove the laws but to reinforce them, or however it goes, but honestly, Christians will simply follow whatever laws they deem fit. Where are the protest groups and legislation calling for adherence to Leviticus 11:9?

  4. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Isn’t it curious that god always seems to share the same prejudices as his votaries? Seems to me that god is merely a reflection of the believer. How good, just, benign or frightening depends on who it is a reflection of. I’d not like to meet the terrifying beast that is r(sol)’s deity.

  5. solomon Says:

    Yeah…..youre fooling God! Wait till you see hell. Who could have made you alive? Is that suppose to be some kind of a joke. You rant rubbish forgetting the reality you’re now in. Forwarding rubbish like nature or evolution as if its some scientific explanation.
    Now who creates the 1st design. Why can’t you answer that.
    Youre sure gonna be burned in !!!HELL!!!

  6. teddy Says:

    sol………….you have progressed !!!! you’re no longer just a moron……………….

    now you’re a LOSER moron !!!!!!

    great work !!!!

  7. Atheist MC Says:

    A.C Grayling has said something like “The ability to live with questions we don’t know the answer to…yet. Is a mark of intelligence.
    The need to look to supernatural beings for answers to fundamental questions such as Sol’s or justification for personal actions as per the quote is by that light a sign of limited intelligence.

  8. Atheist MC Says:

    Whoops sorry, forgot to close that tag!

  9. solomon Says:

    Atheist MC,

    If you think I’am lack of intelligence then what about your lots. Answer this.
    Who create the 1st. design of everything?

  10. Margaret Says:

    Faith is an assumption made by a believer that God is on his side. It is not logical thinking, or rational decision-making. As long as the believer is staying on safe turf, such as hanging out with fellow believers in the fantasy land of church, he is safe, because the church is only playing mind games. The clergy will stand at the pulpit and pray for nebulous goals, nothing that can be quantified, such as “may the word of god find receptive hearts.” God’s guidance, apparently, is only for god’s goals, nothing for the believer, other than blind obedience.

    That is OK while the believer is sitting at the pew, but then he has to go out of the church-building and interact with the rest of us, and his assumptions (which are not the same as actual thought) are not based on logic. Once he goes “off script”, away from the protected conclave of his little fantasy land, then things can go terribly wrong.

    Here’s a link to an article in Slate magazine that discusses Mel Gibson’s appalling behavior and how his relationship with a particular Catholic sect influences this behavior and the attitudes that spawned it.


  11. solomon Says:

    Tell me what you understand by ‘not logical thinking’. What is logical thinking. Don’t simply spout the word. Is the workings of gravity without seeing hands doing it is “not logical thinking”?

  12. teddy Says:

    sol…………gravity is one of the four natural physical forces operating in our
    gravitational “pull” is a function of space , time, mass, motion, and speed.
    all identifiable……all measureable, and all REAL. nothing supernatural about it.
    no “invisible hands” pulling cosmic strings.

    why dont you do a little research…………instead of blathering on about
    subjects you SO obviously know NOTHING about.

  13. solomon Says:

    teddy(the lousy bear)

    Then how do you explain other creations that have come into existence and with no hands mending it . You are talking about a single dimension of your lousy essence, “measurements”. Then how would you measure dreams, ideas? tThe end of the universe, does it have ends? Do you think measurement can justify everything??
    Don’t try to fool me with your lousy out of date useless rants.