12th August 2010

“Any parent who tortured their children for small infractions would be put in jail, but a heavenly father who puts people in hell for eternity for the same infractions is called 'perfect' and 'holy'. It's not holy. It's sick.”


11 Responses to “12th August 2010”

  1. archaeopteryx Says:


  2. solomon Says:

    Parents who put their children on the edge of !!HELL!! are the sickest.

  3. Margaret Says:

    Whatever is ugly in the human mind is promoted and embraced by religion. It teaches that humans are reprehensible, and then goes on to prove it with its low standards. (See my August 7 rant, if you want to understand what I mean by that). The bible is especially effective for brainwashing and terrorizing children, because its nonsensical stories, about gardens, talking snakes, talking donkeys, and floods, are on the intellectual level of a pre-schooler. Too bad it does not stop there, but it also has to teach children to hate themselves, and everyone else, too. Only someone who hates the human race would think !!HELL!! is reasonable.

  4. Atheros Says:

    Messing a child’s mind up with with religeon is child abuse! And abuse of the highest order! Now that’s sick!

  5. EdgarWing Says:

    If you attempt to compel someone to do something–anything–with a gun to their head, this would be absolutely criminal. It would not even matter whether the gun was loaded or not, just so long as you attempted to make the person believe it was. How much worse when you regularly hold a mass of people hostage with the threat of eternal torture?

  6. solomon Says:


    Don’t try to inflict fear to the minds of viewers regarding religion. Islam for example only promoting thoughts peacefully thru a book.

  7. John Says:

    I reason that islam is the truest example of a double headed snake. It lies to it’s unfortunate followers with lies from some dead pedophiles book and then lies to everyone else with how peaceful it is. Old sol, if islam is that great spreader of peace you proclaim; why does islam have followers of priests that order the killings of woman, children, people that question and nonbelievers?

  8. solomon Says:

    Not as easy as your orchestrated lies John. Theres more to it. I don’t have to elaborate it. Just one thing to be clarified John. You’re lying.

  9. Atheist MC Says:

    It;s actually worse than the quote describes, because we can’t even be sure which rules we are breaking. Religions conflict, which is the first clue they are false, but if God does exist he is setting us up to fail.

  10. John Says:

    Why it is always proclaimed as “lies” when there is actual proof to back up ones claim of how sick religion is and when anyone sane can point to the real damage done in the name of religion? The religious always seem to proclaim it as truth when it is read from some old Dark Age book of fairytales? Sorry sol; you’re so full of shit — I’ll bet your eyes are brown…

  11. YourSkepticalGuy Says:

    Interesting commentary on the quote. I cannot even begin to parse/understand the quote, not believing in such an entity. However, should such an entity exist, I would not even begin to think that arbitrary rules we have regarding child rearing would even factor into rules/considerations for deities. Maybe it is our child-rearing that is at fault – perhaps we should be, ahem… [tap] [tap] … is this thing on…?, more ‘strict” with our children? Spare the rod – spoil the child? (That there are many reasons why it is rational to believe it is horrible to treat children this way, once we posit a deity, all bets are off and s/he/it does not need to be contrained by our beliefs and/or our evidence for the corporeal well-being of the child/society.

    There are so many false/unspoken premises and definitions that, for me, quotes like this are something I just do not spend much time with.