13th August 2010

“If proselytisers had genuine faith they would at least tone down the proselytism. Surely the God they believe in has the power, hypothetically speaking, to move the hearts of unbelievers without their having to be argued, bribed, or bludgeoned into doctrinal submission first.”

Barbara O'Brien

25 Responses to “13th August 2010”

  1. solomon Says:

    God is not your slave. God have done enough to manage this universe, to maintain constant food supplies. Now its the job of humans to enlightened their own species with the guide from God.

  2. Geoff Says:

    Unfortunately, any god out there has made an appalling job of “managing food supplies” as Solomon puts it.
    Most creatures in his “divine plan” only exist by eating other creatures in his “divine plan”. So most creatures ARE the food supply, and have been for billions of years – years filled with agonising deaths and bloodshed. That’s the way it is.
    As for managing the Universe – well he has a nasty habit of causing floods. Despite promising never to wipe out humanity again using flooding – he can’t resist the odd water-based calamity, can he? Not to mention earthquakes, tsunamis etc. He even used a quake to wipe out most of Lisbon in 1755 while they were at church!! No, I’m afraid Solomon’s god is a fiction, taught by people who have themselves been taught it from birth. Originated by people who couldn’t understand floods and earthquakes – and needed to explain them.

  3. solomon Says:

    Don’t say I don’t understand the simple phenomena of floods or earthquakes. Those are only processes that took place as God’s plans or schemes. Earthquakes, tsunamis or floods are just early warnings of human sins to God. The Lisbon tragedy in 1755 might be a sample of a warning for being infidel to Allah almighty.
    Geoff I reckon you better start eating wood , stone & metal for your food substitution. Don’t be a vegetarian either. Plants have lives too. If not for being the food supply for other creatures, every creatures will eventually die too. God is smart enough not to make a waste out of those creatures.

  4. John Says:

    The proselytizers have had thousands of years to create (in their minds) an answer for everything; except for reality, of course. Look what real Science has accomplished in the short time since the Enlightenment. Short wonder why the proselytizers have to cry so had for followers and dollars, now. If there was a god, why do they need so much money? Oh well; and I mean real Science and not the creation shit; now that is something you can sink your teeth into. I need a beer…..

  5. solomon Says:

    Creation are real live science. Would you term it as unreal when someone create a thing, a simple table for example. Some are created with hands and many are not. Religous needs no time at all in concluding an answer for everything…”ZAM ZAM ALLAKAZAM” thats it, a straight forward doctrine of creationism solves any questios that the Atheists won’t be able to find.

  6. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    The quote makes a point I think a lot about. I was raised catholic and it was at the point of my greatest doubts that I was the most animated in my outward affectations of faith. I’ve always suspected that a great many people are standing on that line that I eventually strode across. When I did, the illusion of religion simply evaporated like a fog. People don’t cross that line for a variety of reasons but all those reasons are, at their root, fear. This is why I always open my door to the missionaries. It is deeply shocking to some of them to be exposed to views like ours that aren’t ruled by fear and subservience to a supernatural sky-beast. I think we both come off better for the exchange.

  7. Atheist MC Says:

    The religious proselytise because they are afraid of being alone with their delusion. Madness like misery enjoys company.

  8. solomon Says:

    The Atheists rejects religion because they want to be with the company of sinners in !!HELL!! They don’t want to be burned alone.

  9. Atheist MC Says:

    Surely even you can see the stupidity in that last comment.

  10. PEB Says:

    “Madness like misery enjoys company.” Absolutely. If one person believed that the earth was created by a flying moon cow (thats call her Bertha) and that life spurted from her mighty udders then that person would be called insane. If 1 million people believed it then it would be called a religion.
    Bertha has plenty of self confidence so she doesn’t require worshippers, wealthy earthly representatives or suicide bombers to spread her message of milky peace. This was written 3 thousand years ago in the Cowran. Cowran – Quran…..keep up people 🙂

  11. Margaret Says:

    Bertha-believing is as good as any other religion. Good one PEB.

    Fundamentalists act like the mere existence of an atheist, or even someone who has a different religion from them, is threatening, and become very defensive about it. The christian majority in America acts like it is persecuted by the atheist minority. In agreement with today’s quote, that is very telling of how much confidence believers have in the power of their god that he cannot withstand any questions. Gods are weak things–they wilt in the presence of critical appraisal.

  12. solomon Says:

    What the point of ranting critical apraisal if you can’t answer who create the 1st. Design. You all are just !!LIARS!!

  13. Margaret Says:

    Who create 1st design? I have already shared with you a natural explanation, but you did not listen Try again, watch, listen, learn.

  14. Atheist MC Says:

    By the way the Cowran is nothing but a knockoff of the ByBull.

  15. captainzero1969 Says:

    Or the Toro, A-MC?

  16. captainzero1969 Says:

    That is to say, the Cowran is a knockoff of the ByBull which was in turn a knockoff of the Toro. Just like the game ‘telephone’, seems to get more f’d up in each iteration.

  17. margaret Says:

    The Toro begat the Decrepit Text which begat the Newer-Decrepit Text which begat the More Man-Made Text for the Latter Day Delusional. On and on it goes, where it stops, nobody knows.

  18. John Says:

    Do you mean buybull?

  19. YourSkepticalGuy Says:

    Too funny gang – thanks for the laughs! THe tauro-dung is deep and wide – at least we recognize it for what it is.

    Hmm, I question whether these tauro-patties are the mystery “food” that we are supposed to appreciate.


  20. solomon Says:

    No matter what you rant, Allah is still true, he’s still the boss & will always be & you all know its true and can’t at any instant refute it. He provides sustenance for you yet you are ungrateful. He laid out rules just for the bettermans of your species but you hate it. God does not deserted anyone but they deserted themselves. Allah is still and always the King. Who are you to want things to follow your rules or lusts?
    Atheists, I’am warning you. YOU ALL will be !!!BURNED…IN HELLL!!.
    And that will be a painful day and there will be no helper except Allah Almighty.

  21. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Allah isn’t boss because he doesn’t exist and you can’t offer proof that the giant douche exists. There. Refuted. The atheist examples I’ve seen on this site are highly ethical people who have never stoned a woman for adultry, executed a person for homsexuality, splashed acid on a little girl for going to school or dispensed any other such “justice” called for by your primitive and beastial religion. If there is a hell, Sol, it’s the hell that is created by the blood lust of your savage co-religionists right here on this infinitesimal speck of rock.

    The brutality, willful ignorance and purblind stupidity of your rants discolors all your penniless assertions of the truth of your faith and the poverty of your conception of a divine and loving creator. You had better hope there is no god in shape you paint for her, because she will not be merciful to swine like you, Sol.

  22. John Says:

    I scared by dah the big bad fake boogie man n dah sky ‘gon’a take away our toys mommy… allah was what muhammad called its shit… as it is written in the cowran – verse 32 chap’ta – 5!!

  23. John Says:

    Well said CaptainZero1969, old sollie will come back and tell us how it’s all a lie and how we’ll burn in hell. Well, I got a new bag of marshmallows and a case of New Castle chillin’…

  24. solomon Says:


  25. solomon Says:

    Don’t try to bluff. Its your lots who did all the mischieves,conman,rapes,murderers and all of that sorts.
    I won’t risk my future. I don’t want ended up living in HELL. Anyway I’ve got nothin to lose following Allah’s religion.