16th August 2010

“Nearly all peoples have developed their own creation myth, and the Genesis story is just the one that happened to have been adopted by one particular tribe of Middle Eastern herders. It has no more special status than the belief of a particular West African tribe that the world was created from the excrement of ants.”

Richard Dawkins

29 Responses to “16th August 2010”

  1. solomon Says:

    Richard Dawkins silly enough to compare Allah’s creation with some unknown tribe beliefs. Its a comparison between a dust and a golden planet.

  2. Atheros Says:

    You see Solomon, that comment you made, just shows your egotistical belief that you and others that share your tribe and your religious beliefs have, that you and yours are better than just an “Unknown Tribe”.

    You see, what you and other religious idiots don’t take in to account is, is that you and your tribe are just another unknown tribe to someone else, whose god is just as powerful as yours. They’ve never heard of you or your Allah and they really couldn’t care less either. But just like you and yours – they will fight to the death and quite happily kill you in the name of their god. And round and round we go..

    By the way – at least ant shit is real, we can also prove it is real, unlike an invisible man in the sky – who, just in case you still haven’t clued in is most definitely un-provable!

  3. Braathwaat Says:

    Sol, as the saying goes, when you understand why you reject all the hundereds of other Gods humans have & do believe in then you will finally come to understand why those on this list reject yours.

  4. Atheros Says:

    Again – Ant shit is more real than your god if i come from that, then so be it – at least its from somewhere real.. Fool!

  5. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    I like the point Dawkins is making here but it’s clearly lost on the devout. I also like a related point that demonstrates the many similarities between Jesus and many other savior/demi-gods that preceded him. In the absence of evidence, education and the scientific method belief in say, the thunder god, is understandable. But given what we actually do know, continued belief is as embarrassing as a racist uncle at a bi-racial wedding.

  6. Wat Duino Says:

    Since the time humanoids achieved self-awareness, we have had two recurring characteristics: (1) we have no idea how we got here, and (2) we want control over others. Almost from the beginning, some of us figured out how to harness the ignorance of (1) to achieve (2). How this has worked for so long completely astounds me.

  7. solomon Says:

    Wat Duino,
    Your ignorance much more astounds me.
    (1) Believers since Adam, have known how we got here.
    (2) We need control so that everyone will have a fair share of rights.
    Sorry if I got you wrong.

  8. Dan Says:

    Do you have a source for this particular Dawkins quote?

  9. teddy Says:

    to Wat Duino…………. 2 things :

    1) i liked your statement !

    2) i LOVE your screen-name…………….

    is it pronounced ” do WE know ”

    or ” do EYE know “

  10. Wat Duino Says:

    I am ignorant of many things. Please be specific as to what area of my ignorance astounds you. And as to “believers”, I would ask: “believers” in what? Christianity? Islam? Taoism? Mormonism? Buddhism?
    Also, when you say that “we” need control, are you in the group that is doing the controlling?

  11. holysmokes Says:

    How do the few control the many? By giving the many something to believe in.

  12. solomon Says:

    Wat Duino,

    Believers in the only one God, Allah Almighty.
    My sayings “we need control” is a spontaneous reaction to counter your misleading thoughts of your “(2) we want control over others. ” which are directed to believers.
    “We” in my context refers to the unity of humans, no matter who they are but holding to one true faith that would guarantee the survival of a fair share of rights.

  13. Wat Duino Says:


    Thanks for the comments.


    What do I know

  14. Dan Says:

    Nevermind, I found it. This quote is from The Blind Watchmaker. It’s been so long since I read it, it was one of the first books on evolution I’ve read and for that I view it fondly indeed.

  15. Grumpy Old Git Says:

    Maybe this site should be renamed ‘Solomon’s site’. Never mind. Back to Richard Dawkins quote with which I quite agree. All the Abrahamic faiths have taken their source as the scribblings of an iron age desert people and have attributed them to ‘the word of a loving, altuistic, omniscient God’. If this ‘God’ is omniscient, would it not have occurred to him/she/it that translations are not always accurate, that the meanings of words change with time, and that the message to humanity, if that’s what it was, would result in the slaughter of a major part of ‘his’ creation by another part of ‘his’ creation?

  16. PEB Says:

    (1) Believers since Adam, have known how we got here.
    ……not true. Believers have only ‘known’ since the bible or quran was written a very long time after Adam. Ever wondered why that is?

    (2) We need control so that everyone will have a fair share of rights.
    ……that’s a very Stalin like statement. Secular laws ensure everyone is treated equally and fairly. Religiously biased laws ensure only members of that religious franchise are treated fairly.

  17. tech Says:

    Atheists are not something new they been around since time began. They will still be around after the second coming as well.They will be left behind because of their unbelief.Too bad but thats the way it will be.God is not mocked

  18. solomon Says:

    ‘Believers have only ‘known’ since the bible or quran was written a very long time after Adam’ Pure Bluffing.
    Adam himself have known of his origin. He must have passed the knowledge to his children & grand children. Somehow the link have been broken as time goes by. Thats why God send down his messenger in succession.

  19. Braathwaat Says:

    tech, when religion is the ruling force in a society it produces horror. The stronger supernatural beliefs, the worst the inhumanity. Fortunately for us in the West as religion (Christianity) gradually ceased to control daily life, the concept of human rights & personal freedom took root. Islam seeks to reverse this trend & has wherever they rule.

  20. YourSkepticalGuy Says:

    While not a rigorous logical construction, the mere fact that ant poop really does exist suggests that it is somewhat more probable that genesis of some form of life actually does originate from such vector. But it obviously fails to explain where the pooping ants come from… Which came first, the ant or the ant poop?

    In other respects I want to support the substantive posters: Braatwaat, PEB, Dan, Wat, holy, teddy, CaptNZ, and Atheros. (To be complete, I need to support the substantive nonposters too, this list including Margaret, Hypatia, and AMC, among others — you know who you are!!!) Thank you.


  21. EdgarWing Says:


    I am starting to question whether you actually believe what you say yourself. I half picture you as someone who is just trying to have fun with a bunch of atheists who sometimes take themselves a bit too seriously. This is partly because the egregious errors in logic you commit sometimes seem a bit too lazy-minded to be worthy of the serious character you portray yourself to be. You certainly do cause a stir on this blog and take up much of our time and effort. I do wish you’d be a bit more sophisticated in your arguments so that we get a more vigorous workout. But maybe you’re trying to lull us all into complacency.

  22. solomon Says:


    “2) We need control so that everyone will have a fair share of rights.
    ……that’s a very Stalin like statement. Secular laws ensure everyone is treated ‘equally’ and fairly.”

    I only said “FAIR”. I did’nt mention “equal”. Fair & equal have two different meanings. Fair is not suppose to be equal and equal must not mean its fair. Equal means if you have 20 apples and 10 men to share with, everyone will get 2 apples each. But when you divide it fairly there are individuals who needs more than 2 apples and there will also be individuals who does’nt need any apples at all.

    So to say my statement is very Stalin or secular is misleading.

  23. solomon Says:


    All I’am doing is to deliver truth to save you all from the fires of Hell. You don’t realize, unbelievers and Satan are working hand in hand to bring you close to the that pit . My job is to save humans by refuting most of their wrong or swayed thoughts and bring you all to the true path. I’am telling you the truth. But most of them are lying. My character may seems strange to you, but that is just my style. My argument may sound lame too at the first place, but I ask you , how many times have it pull an impact on your thoughts. Its because I’am bringing truth. However handicapped it may appear but surely it will arrive to a concluded truth. I may sound harsh too at certain instant. This strategy is just to first cripple the egoistic unrealizing wrong thoughts of the unbelievers.

  24. Wat Duino Says:

    Hello all,
    Yes, it seems like we spend more time on Solomon’s posts than the original quote!
    I will give you the benefit of any doubt that you are indeed a True Believer trying to save us (nonbelievers) from the “fires of hell”. Your earlier post stating that there is” only one God… Allah Almighty” is essentially the same as other True Believers the world over: theirs is the only “true religion” and the rest are false. Please consider that just because I don’t believe what you believe does not make me a “nonbeliever”. I simply believe in something different.

  25. solomon Says:

    Wat Duino,

    Lets compare all the religions including the Atheists religion. Then we can say which will rise up to be the unrefuted true one.

  26. Wat Duino Says:


    I’m at a loss as how to respond to you. In order to have a meaningful discourse, the parties must agree on the meaning of words in the language they use. The standard definition of “religion” is “… the belief in and the worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods”. The definition of “atheism” is “the theory or belief that God does not exist”. It would seem that these terms are mutually exclusive. We atheists do not have a religion… can you see that?

  27. solomon Says:

    Its true that you do not have religion but you’re unaware that atheism has become one.

  28. Greg Says:


    But god is mocked. I just gave it the finger.

  29. Dan Says:

    If atheism has become a religion, has bald become a hair color? LOL