15th August 2010

“The church says the earth is flat, but I know that it is round, for I have seen the shadow on the moon, and I have more faith in a shadow than in the church.”

Ferdinand Magellan

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  1. solomon Says:

    Allah did’nt mention clearly anything regarding the earth is flat. Some(Atheists) have misunderstood or purposely interprate some of the surah regarding the shape of the earth out of its context. But if Allah clearly states that the earth is flat, I would have believe it. I would try to work it out how it could become possible even what is interpret by the naked eye tells differently or although its not probable.
    Theres always the question about the internal contents of the earth which is yet to be further debated. Anyway nobody have witness what are the central contents of the earth. It reminds me of an old movie ‘Journey to the centre of the earth’. I like that movie.
    Basicaly an object will cast a shadow according to its shape. Magellan or anyone might not fully understand the phenomenon of shadow. What about if shadows have some basic light properties. Again a question of our weak instrument, the eye or any other lens based instrument or even radio telescopes.
    Don’t you notice that all of the distant celestial bodies appear spherical in shape. This means that our eye will tend to converge all the image it captures into the smallest view possible for it to be able to interpret the object. Any gigantic distant objects whether flat, squares or irregular in shape would finally appear spherical or round.
    Well, I’am not saying the earth is flat, but the points I’ve noted might be worth to ponder before one hurriedly condemns the sayings of the church. The absolute truth of the earths shape lies in the knowledge of Allah the Almighty.

  2. solomon Says:

    Before anyone condemns me, my comments above is only for one to take into consideration of the church sayings. Theres other scientific facts that have to take into light, navigation & flights for example that I forget to mention earlier. The question how can Megallan & the others manage to arrive at the same point after completing one whole journey round the world and also on my post much earlier I did mentian all the celestial bodies are spherical in shape due to a central force in it. I think thats about all that would save me from near condemnation…Pheww…what a relief…(a near miss)
    And also don’t forget I’am not saying the earth is flat.

  3. solomon Says:

    oops…! ‘mentian’ should be ‘mention’

  4. j sutton Says:

    Sol – just shut up. Get some scientific education before you try to lecture us about science.

  5. solomon Says:

    Put forth what you know j sutton. I bet you know nothin’

  6. tech Says:

    The Atheists seem to worry a lot about things that do not pertain to salvation, when really its their salvation they should be concerned about.

  7. solomon Says:


    This is an honest advice. You too should worry about your salvation.

  8. holysmokes Says:

    The earth is round. It’s that simple. Ferdinand Magellan realized and understood it. Stop attempting to make it look complicated.

    Here’s an honest idea. Try living your life over the next seven days as if your god does not exist. Read science articles. Think freely about anything you want. See how things look from an open minded perspective. Don’t be afraid. Nothing in the real world will harm you if you use common sense.

  9. solomon Says:

    Its fine with me if the world is absolutely round. I’am just discussing if there just might be other possibilities.

  10. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Hey Tech,
    The reason atheists don’t seem to worry about salvation should be self evident: We don’t require it. We don’t view humanity as ‘fallen’ and we don’t believe there is any judge that will offer an opinion on our worth when we die. Nor is there a heaven to hope for or a hell to fear. Other than a book or ghost stories our parents and preachers told us when we were impressionable children, there is no evidence that this isn’t an entirely rational position to hold.

  11. Margaret Says:

    The religious people try to change the subject away from anything that is real to their biblical theories, which are not real. Salvation is a religious concept to appease your sadistic prick of a god. End of story. Go kiss his butt on your own time.

    And tech, you only prove a portion of my rant on August 7:

    “So read the bible, read the promises about god’s supposed limitless power, and continue to ask for insipid nonsense that can never be proven, such as a transformed heart that protects the believer from sin. Look at Mel Gibson as an example, and other believers who fall or fail somehow, and declare it the devil’s handiwork. Amazing how easily the devil can always overpower the transformative powers of god. Seems to me, the devil is more powerful than god, hands down”.

    Maybe you are kissing the wrong butt, tech.

  12. Greg Says:

    Sol, you’re not “discussing other possibilities”; you’re providing excuses for the mistakes your god has made.

    The simple statement “But if Allah clearly states that the earth is flat, I would have believe it” clearly points to your inability to think for yourself – you’re relying on someone else to tell you what and how to think. How sad. How pathetic.

    It’s unfortunate that you have not taken the opportunity to expand your mental abilities beyond the Koran. But, it’s your loss, not mine. When death finally knocks on your door and you see that there is nothing on the other side it will be too late to revisit this life and all the wonders it holds.

  13. robb Says:

    3 cheers for Captain Zero 1969…………very nicely put.

    salvation is such a joke ! the religion jerks will believe ANYTHING !!

    look at their “holy” books !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. solomon Says:

    Its impossible to know everything within a short period of your life or within the negligible knowledge that men have compiled, therefore the need of a God to reveal the secrets that man could not grasp is probable. You can’t refute my reasoning.

  15. Greg Says:

    Solomon: I cannot refute your reasoning because it is based on ignorance, not knowledge.

  16. Margaret Says:

    Of course a shadow on a moon is more real than anything religion offers. Here are 2 funny vids that perfectly demonstrate:


  17. solomon Says:

    “”I cannot refute your reasoning because it is based on ignorance, not knowledge.””
    A parrot can also mimic that.

  18. solomon Says:

    Ahhh….nonsense video….the true fact you will certainly be burned in !!!!HELLL!!! Margaret.

  19. Braathwaat Says:

    The church has been telling lies for thousands of years. Christians may no longer believe the earth is flat, the center of the universe, or the sun rotates around it, but they still believe it’s less than 10,000 years old & was made in 6 days.

  20. solomon Says:


    The earth is less than 10,000 years is not told in the Qoran.

  21. NoReflection Says:

    Hmm I wonder who or what pit`s us against each other ,

  22. Braathwaat Says:

    Sol, there is at least as much proof that the earth is much more than 10,000 years old as there is that the earth isn’t flat.