6th September 2010

“The Pope is the poster-boy for secularism. Every time he opens his mouth, he makes the case for a secular society so much more compelling.”

Christopher Brookmyre

8 Responses to “6th September 2010”

  1. Mike G. Says:

    To the those that already have separated from the church, he seems like he is only digging himself deeper. However, there are many that are under the papal rule that cannot see the harm, the hypocrisy or the inconsistencies. The church does everything it can to maintain power. After all, the Vatican is the only sovereignty that has its roots planted deeply across other borders.

  2. j sutton Says:

    The Catholic church is a business. It deals in mythology and the supernatural. Its customer base is the gullible and very young. It is discredited and morally bankrupt but, thanks to very efficient propaganda, it maintains its wealth and power, thank you very much.

  3. teddy Says:

    KUDOS (!) to mike g…..and j sutton.

    nicely put !!

  4. teddy Says:

    all contributors……..F.Y.I.

    check out the site, “Ratinal Response Squad”

    …….topics of interest.

  5. Atheist MC Says:

    There’s a lot of whitewashing of Ratzinger happening at the moment. BBC radio ran this piece on Thought for the Day. He’s just mis-understood apparently. I’ve heard his Hitler Youth background excused as “well all boys were in the Hitler Youth at the time” which they were’nt.
    But I agree with the quote. Everytime he opens his mouth he puts his Prada shoe in it and makes the Church look sillier than ever.

  6. YourSkepticalGuy Says:

    heh – John 8:30 – If only it were true and truth could set you free from guilt, sin, misery, the church, and the pope…

    AMC: That Thought of the Day was interesting – and typical to take general statements without substance and make them mean whatever you want them to mean/say.

    What is happening to the movement to arrest the pope dude in Britain for his crimes against humanity?


  7. teddy Says:

    correction : message should read ” rational response squad ”
    sorry for mis-spelling

  8. Keenan Barer Says:

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