29th October 2010

“Science flourishes when ever religion is not permitted to silence discoveries that run counter to its ‘revealed truths’.”


6 Responses to “29th October 2010”

  1. PEB Says:

    If this quote was written in the middle ages then I’d agree. Stem cell research is going ahead, cloning is going ahead, astronomers generally aren’t thrown into jail for blasphemy and any geologist worth their salt will tell you how old the earth really is.
    Perhaps the quote should be “Science is flourishing. Religion is becoming a cult for weirdos”

  2. Eric Says:

    I think in a certain light though, the quote is accurate. My in-laws, who are devout Christians, have channeled every bit of knowledge they acquire through their church. The church tells them things like “evidence is uncovered each day that puts evolution into doubt,” or “Benjamin Franklin died of Syphilis” or “Global warming is just hype” and my favorite “People used to live a lot longer, its our cultural depravities that cause us to die younger.” I’m sure there are other stupid things they believe but none of it is science. In that way, the church is still able to silence science by hiding under falsehoods to at least their own membership. And since their flock is willing to take what they say as fact without even a cursory evaluation of the statements they believe it whole heartily.

  3. opleaze........ Says:

    this is…………..hands down…………..the STUPIDEST quote ever put on this site.

  4. teddy......... Says:

    oh ye of little brain

  5. carl sagan Says:

    this quote supports ALL of my research !! there are BILLIONS AND

  6. Admin Says:


    this is…………..hands down…………..the STUPIDEST quote ever put on this site.

    Would you care to tell us why? Your comment is pointless without explanation.

    BTW why are you posting under different names? (opleaze/teddy)