7th November 2010

“While the notion that this old earth would be a peaceful haven if religion were abolished is the purest delusion, there is no doubt that religion has the power to start a conflagration that could lead to a third world war.”

Ron Ferguson

7 Responses to “7th November 2010”

  1. NoReflection Says:

    Religion will not start a third world WAR ,, Man Will ,,Will I Am.

  2. Defiantnonbeliever Says:

    With one less mega cause of differences with the abandonment of supernatural religious beliefs, humans will have a lot more time to deal with real problems. The religious distractions from reality threaten to drive us to extinction before we’ve matured. Religious nonsense distractions may have already killed us with religion promoted ignorance of the environmental problems that have gone unaddressed too long. War is just the fall out of real needs ignored too long and the arrogance of righteous aggression, one of religions fortes.

    @NoReflection: it sounds like you will with religious delusion promote the self fore-filling prophecy of Armageddon over reality and real solutions

  3. reetBob Says:

    The smouldering bloodlust at the heart of Islam could easily light the touchpaper of world war.

    NoReflection, some parasites force their host to radically alter their behavior (even commit suicide) in order to propagate. Do you blame the host or the parasite? Religion is that parasite.

  4. PEB Says:

    Unlikely. As the Saudi oil money runs out as it inevitably will then Al-Qaeda will disappear into obscurity. There may will be a third world war (although it seems unlikely?). Religion will play no part of it. These terrorists may think they are dying for Allah but the reality is their paymasters are much more economic and politically motivated.

  5. Wat Duino Says:

    In the original movie “Rollerball” there is a vague reference to the “Corporate Wars”. Apparently these “wars” alloted the resources of the planet to the various corporations: the Energy Corporation,the Food Corporation, the Communications Corp, etc. In this future world the corporations have purchased all of the politicians and, in the interest of efficiency, have disbanded governments and armies. Where is religion in all of this? Don’t know. Religion may be used as a tool in the next World War ,e.g., “the smoldering bloodlust of Islam”, but Big Business will control our planet in the next major cycle of our evolution.

  6. reetBob Says:

    I don’t believe anything is guaranteed but that corporate future is definitely possible. I hope for a more technological world where the self-destructive elements of human nature are restricted, hopeless optimism.

    I believe religious tension could ignite war in the middle east. Religion (islam, Judaism) would not provide reasons to withdraw from the brink of war, it would fan the flames.

  7. Wat Duino Says:

    When you have the president of a country sincerely believing that a holy figure will physically appear (” the Mahdi will reappear to bring absolute justice to the world”) and that he can hasten this event, why would he hesitate to launch a nuclear jihad? The winners in such an event would be the same as they are now in Iraq and Afghanistan: Blackwater / Xe, Halliburton, KRB, and hundreds of other “subcontractors”. Religions and military contractors definitely have a symbiotic relationship.