8th November 2010

“Religion is sometimes compared to race, and the provisions against racial hatred are then applied to religion. Such a comparison is unfounded. Religion is unlike race – you cannot proselytize to change your race. There are serious differences.”

Asma Jahangir

4 Responses to “8th November 2010”

  1. Atheist MC Says:

    If you go back far enough all religions would be associated with race. Judaism is probably the only major religion today that can claim that association with any justification. Attempts to bring Islam into racial discrimination laws are misguided.

  2. Missing thepoint Says:

    Not misguided, just attempting to subvert the intent of the law by converting it into a blasphemy law by “the back door”!

  3. reetBob Says:

    It’s been said before, why is it acceptable to hate communism yet not ok to hate Islam?

  4. Because it is ;) Says:

    It shows the weakness of their claims that they have to use “being offended”