1st February 2010

“Three words you will never hear a religious person say to their offspring: 'Think for yourself'”


52 Responses to “1st February 2010”

  1. solomon Says:

    Dear John,

    Maybe your typing error…I thought youre gonne write…It was satan!

  2. Mohammed the Prophet Says:


    “To say nothing requires the involvement of an intelligent designer is a complete denial of sane reasoning.”

    On the contrary, Solomon, implying that there is something WITHOUT ANY SUPPORTING EVIDENCE is a complete denial of ANY reasoning, sane or otherwise.

    “And you can’t even answer what form of entity nature is.”

    This question is nonsense. Nature is nature. Nature does not possess “intelligence” in a sentient sense. There is no “intention” in Nature – it is completely indifferent. You have a hard time accepting that there is no evidence to support your claim for intelligent design, and this is understandable. But wishing otherwise does not make it so.

    “Its only some form of escapism to deny the well accepted human thoughts of creationism doctrine.”

    Creationism is ONLY well-accepted by those who hold dearly to a religious ideology. And even then there are many Christians and Muslims who do not agree with the doctrine of Creationism. Why? Because it has been repeatedly and thoroughly discredited in every way, shape and form. Both in court and outside. There is absolutely not ONE SHRED of evidence to support the claims of creationism. All of your “evidence” comes directly from religious dogma. To continue to insist that it is well-accepted or “true” is a complete denial of reality.

    “How can one proove god if he’s comparable to nothing.”

    How can one disprove Santa? Ra? Zeus? The Tooth Fairy? Unicorns? Please disprove them, Solomon, and I will believe in your God.

    “And who creates the First design? Is it evolution or nature???”

    Again, you are hung up on the fact that there MUST be a first designer. Ok, who creates the first designer? What created God? If your answer is that God has always been and will always be, then that is my answer as well. Nature has been and always will be. The only difference is that you are desperate to instill intelligence into your God because you refuse to accept the evidence that points to the fact that there is no intelligent designer and that processes such as evolution can be shown to be responsible for the development of life on Earth.