6th February 2010

“For the church to criticize secular society while at the same time not looking in any way at itself for most people this is a reason they turn away from it. There's a huge credibility problem, and I wonder if they're capable of recognizing how much their currency is devalued. They don't have any moral authority.”

Colm O'Gorman

19 Responses to “6th February 2010”

  1. Wam-Mnebu Says:

    I would make the same case for many atheists. Well it is true that organized religion (by the church i am assuming that O’Gorman is referring to that of Rome) has many crimes and lapses of the morality that they preach, it is ironic that some atheists seem to suffer from the same case of hypocrisy, and while they may have moral “currency” now, it is because they have just acquired it and are spending it rather quickly.

  2. tony cynic Says:

    Atheists do not claim to have all the answers, they do claim (and show) that the people who do, don’t. If you follow.

  3. Greg Says:

    Hi Wam-Mnebu

    I’m not sure I quite follow your reasoning. If you’re grouping atheists as some sort of “organization” then perhaps you have a point, but this is not what atheists strive for or how they associate. Atheists speak in unison on one point and one point only: the rejection of the belief in any god. Apart from that they may (and probably do) disagree on any number of other topics.

    I believe it’s illogical to think that atheists have had to “gain” credibility in the first place, as atheism is the default setting in life (remember, we’re all born atheist). In this sense, then, this AQOTD is really just stating that religion is losing any “moral authority” it has fooled people into believing it had and people are finally recognizing the saneness of their natural state.

  4. solomon Says:

    “(remember, we’re all born atheist)”

    Simply uttering words.Baseless quote.

  5. Greg Says:

    And then there was a whisper of idiocy that blew through the blog….

  6. PEB Says:

    Wam. Nicely worded but it makes no sense. How exactly are some atheists hypocrites? When did we inherit this moral currency and how are we ‘spending it quickly’?

  7. MagicAintReal Says:

    Solomon, why is Greg’s post “We’re all born atheist” baseless? How can you be born believing anything, let alone an organized delusion?
    Solomon please answer this question: What belief are we born with?

  8. Hypatia Says:

    Islam is in your genes then Solomon? Or does it just happen to be the religion you were brought up with?

    What a stroke of luck you were born into the ONE TRUE religion! Just think what would have happened if you had been born into a Christian or Hindu family. Through no fault of your own you would be burning in hell for eternity thanks to Allah the merciful.

  9. John Says:

    Correct me should I be wrong. Do not both leading churches of truth base their iron grip of control on the human condition from a strong stance of pedophilia? The cult of Rome rapes kids as a right of the priesthood and the church of the pedophile suppresses all women’s rights and stones little girls and women when they get raped by its followers.

  10. John Says:


    Why waste time on solomon as the writer is a buffoon. To the local tribesman she spouts the venom they are forced to have to listen to “all day long” and believe in on the surface or just be killed. When confronted with the truth and even reality, their silence and/or their stupidity betray them as the village idiots. How common a practice with all who spout this anti-human poison when the truth runs up against their magical fairytales?

  11. Atheist MC Says:

    I’m not sure how atheists can be squandering their “moral authority”. The default position of the shoutier elements of religion is that atheists have no morals at all, and I’m not sure that the truth, that atheists are as moral as anyone else, is out there yet.

    Troll feeding time: Of course we are all born atheist, or at least we are born without a preconception, as to disbelieve in gods I guess someone has to suggest they exist in the first place. We are certainly not born religious.

  12. tony cynic Says:

    Perhaps sol means when we are all born we are gullible. You loose that as you learn about life. If you can not loose that gullibility relegion claims you as one of their own. Something about a sucker being born every minute.

  13. John Says:

    How many times has the Brooklyn Bridge sold?

  14. solomon Says:

    Hey…Hoo…all you Atheist out there,

    We all humans are born clean, free of sins, free of everything.We are given the heart and the brain to weight between the right & wrong.Its what we encounter through our lives that colores what sort of human we are going to be.So being born clean have nothing to do whatsoever of being born an Atheists. See how you all be easily fooled when some dude brings out that subject.

  15. Mohammed the Prophet Says:

    To all the Islamists out there

    Aren’t you just thrilled to have an idiot like Solomon as your spokesperson?

    LOL! What a failure she is!


    Mohammed. Kill infidels in my name, etc, etc.

  16. solomon Says:

    A statement coming from the mouth of an Atheists.Don’t bother. Have no significant or profound effect.

  17. Mohammed the Prophet Says:

    Poor Solomon. You are such a pathetic woman.

  18. New Non-Theist Says:

    Billboard I would like to see:

    You better love me, or else I will torture you for billions of years.



  19. New Non-Theist Says:

    Better link: http://www.imagechicken.com/uploads/1266351365060429700.jpg