7th February 2010

“Ten years ago, the vast majority of non-Christians [under 30] had generally favorable views of Christianity. Now, that number stands at just 16%. When asked specifically about Evangelicals, the number are even worse: only 3% of non-Christian Millennials have positive associations with Evangelicals.”

Barna Group (U.S.)

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  1. John Says:

    When Reagan was in power, the TV preachers where everywhere all day and on almost every channel! Today, even on Sundays it’s almost devoid of preachers crying for dollars. Is that the reason?

  2. Greg Says:

    It wasn’t until the 80’s when many evangelicals started experiencing scandal and people started to see them for what they truly were: predators.

  3. solomon Says:

    The quote are just created to make the Atheists ease only in their minds but the reality is religion(especially Islam) is gaining trusts & popularity each day & continue gaining strength.

  4. LlangunlloRick Says:

    I can believe this, most particularly in the U.S. Bush Jr. has done huge harm to the christian cause there. Rationality is continuing on its roll as it has been since the seventeenth century. The recent fundy blip is over. Amongst the young in Northern Europe and the Northern part of the Americas religion is returning to being rather an embarrasment.
    What the christians can claim is a growth amongst the poor and the uneducated but as WWW access continues to grow across the world so these islands of ignorance and superstition are shrinking.
    When I worked in Saudi Arabia I was forever being assured that Islam was growing faster than all other beliefs put together and those claims sound as hollow in retrospect as the present claims of the christians do now.

  5. solomon Says:


  6. solomon Says:

    The question & quotes the Atheists cannot answer or refute forever:

    1. Who creates the first design?

    2. The created brain thinks he’s not created.

    3. An unknown form of just mere words “evolution” & “nature” could planned
    the things that is happening from the past, present & the future without a
    bit of error & without going out of control or goes haywire?

  7. The Heretic Says:

    Solomon, you are so quick to call people liars. You disgust me. You don’t debate anything, all you do it belittle everybody. Quite frankly, I find you to be a raging jacka$$ despite your religious bull$hit. Go annoy some other site.

  8. LlangunlloRick Says:

    Sorry, I missed something here.
    Who is this ‘Solomon” of whom you speak?

  9. Hypatia Says:

    solomon: “Who creates the first design?”

    Who created Allah?

  10. Hypatia Says:


    You always fail to answer any of my pertinent questions. I’ll assume this means you have no answers.

  11. John Says:


    Read back through the previous days postings and you will come to know solomon as he has almost mastered village idiot, status.

  12. Mohammed the Prophet Says:


    As stated previously, you wouldn’t know an intelligent question if one were to mysteriously germinate in that pool of ignorance you call a brain.

    You win – you ARE the biggest loser. Now please move along….

    Mohammed. Praise be only to me forever, etc, etc.

  13. Greg Says:

    Hi LlangunlloRick

    Many of us have decided to not respond to a certain poster for reasons which others have pointed out here. If you read through previous posts you’ll begin to understand why.

    Many posters here have tried to engage this individual in debate but have only been met by ignorance and vitriol. The effort is just not worth the reward.

  14. Holysmokes Says:

    This quote is only addressing religions. It does not address whether more or less people still believe in a higher power. I think getting folks to realize the silliness of a god will be the real challenge. If we can eliminate the gods, the rest will automatically crumble.

  15. Mohammed the Prophet Says:

    Solomon wrote:

    “The question & quotes the Atheists cannot answer or refute forever:

    1. Who creates the first design?

    2. The created brain thinks he’s not created.

    3. An unknown form of just mere words “evolution” & “nature” could planned”


    I answered your questions here: http://atheistweb.org/qotd/915#comment-12428

    You just ignore when people answer you intelligently.

    You’re a loser.

    You’re a liar.

    You’re dishonest.

    You’re typical of your religion.

  16. solomon Says:

    Always the case…only wild accusations without real substance to debate.

  17. solomon Says:

    Dear Hypatia,

    Its not that I did’nt answer your lousy question, its I’ve not answer it yet if I can recall if you did pose it.

    Allah creates the first design & Allah repeats its creation.
    Nobody creates Allah. Allah exists on his own. Therse no beginning & no end to his existence.

  18. John Says:

    That what is reads in your book. Now tell us what the truth is outside of that only referenced book. Maybe we can truthfully have a real discussion for a change.

  19. solomon Says:

    Dear LlangunlloRick,

    I’am the one backed by God almighty against all the Atheists in the world who can’t get rid of me all this while.I’am bringing light to your lots who have all this while being hallucinated by their own silly thoughts propagated by their masters Darwin & Dawkins. I’am waking you all up of your dreams.It’s your lots who always accuse me as an idiot are the idiots but they don’t realize.I’am bringing truth which all of you hate coz its not in line with your lusts.You will gradually recognise me later.

  20. John Says:

    Sorry, guess I was wrong. However I do recognize al-taqiya when I smell it.

  21. John Says:

    Creech and Chong (circa 1975):

    Look like dog shit, smell like dog shit, taste like dog shit…. Good thing we don’t step in it!!

  22. solomon Says:

    Oh…that was only a comedy from some saneless dude.Don’t bother.

  23. solomon Says:

    Dear John,

    The book is the only source from god that information & knowledge of supernatural & reality is obtained.From the book truth is reasoned out & analysed.Thats the trouble with all your lots, denying the book & seeking other sources that will hopefully contradict with whats told in the book.But knowledge does not source entirely on the book itself. Knowledge is also poured to ones minds if god permits & wishes to.I’am all ready to debate on any subject out of the book context.But nothing out of the debate would surpass the accuracy, the truth of whats in the book.Now throw your dice.

  24. Mohammed the Prophet Says:

    yawn…..more illogical dribble from an illogical, irrational person….

  25. solomon Says:

    Wait a while….Mohammed the Prophet(imposter)
    Don’t quickly jump to the conclusion that

    I’am a loser.

    I’am a liar.

    I’am dishonest.

    I’am typical of my religion.

    I did’nt even go through your previous post assuming it contains rubbish but after going through it, indeed it contains rubbish.

    “How can one disprove Santa? Ra? Zeus? The Tooth Fairy? Unicorns? Please disprove them, Solomon, and I will believe in your God.”

    Its chicken feed, Santa , Ra ,Zeus , Tooth Fairy or Unicorns are just created by men. It can also be described as only a word.Lets say
    Zeus=Zasst then ask yourself again

    “How can one disprove Zasst? Its of no meaning. Just a question creation.You don’t need to do nothing about it.It sounds silly for someone to bring forth such question.

    “And who creates the First design? Is it evolution or nature???”

    You said “Nature has been and always will be”
    You can’t even answer what form of entity nature is yet you claim “Nature has been and always will be”.

    Don’t you ever heard of the big bang theory?

    Everybody can simply say these “evolution can be shown to be responsible for the development of life on Earth.”
    Now who gave you life? And who determine that you will die?
    You always run from the question “WHO” which is the utmost form of reasoning to every mystery.

  26. Mohammed the Prophet Says:

    Oh Solomon, why do I even try to converse with a moron like you? You have completely ignored or misunderstood the entire post.

    Never mind, we’ve all come to expect that. Please keep posting because the more you speak out, the more ka-razy you sound. I love it!!

    Keep up the good job of exposing your religion for the lunacy that it is!!


    Mohammed the True Prophet, god is my bitch, etc, etc.

  27. solomon Says:

    Dear Mohammed the Puppet,

    ka-razy individual have to be addressed with ka-razy response, if not they can’t get the message. Have you got anything else substence enough to debate rather than lie acusations? You are the Idiot but you still don’t realize.

  28. Mohammed the Prophet Says:


    1. Is there a creator for everything in the universe?
    2. Who made the creator?

    We all know your answers, but you are the only one on this blog that fails to see the complete nonsense of your logic.

    Yet *I’m* the idiot….go figure.

    Your god, praise be to me. Eat pork – it’s good for you.

  29. solomon Says:

    Ah…..Nonsense…no need to bother.

  30. solomon Says:

    People who ate pork I observe their behaviour is some sort like that animal, allways in a rush especially during feeding time.

  31. solomon Says:

    And it is learned that pork contain a kind of germs that will not die at boiling point.What a dangerous meat to consume.

  32. solomon Says:

    He has only forbidden you carrion, blood and pork and what has been consecrated to other than Allah. But anyone who is forced to eat it-without desiring it or going to excess in it-commits no crime. Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Qur’an, 2:173)

    Eating pork is harmful to health in a great many regards. This harm still persists today, despite all the precautions that are taken. First and foremost, no matter how clean the farms and environments on which it is raised may be, the pig is not by nature a clean-living animal. It often plays in, and even eats, its own excrement. Due to this and its biological structure, the pig produces much higher levels of antibodies in its body than other animals. In addition, far higher levels of growth hormone are produced in the pig compared to those in other animals and human beings. Naturally, these high levels of antibodies and growth hormone pass across to and collect in the pig’s muscle tissue. Pork meat also contains high levels of cholesterol and lipids. It has been scientifically proven that these significant amounts of antibodies, hormones, cholesterol and lipids in pork represent a serious threat to human health.

    The existence of above-average numbers of obese individuals in the populations of countries such as the USA and Germany, in which large quantities of pork are consumed, is now well-known. When exposed to excessive quantities of growth hormone as a result of a pork-based diet, the human body first puts on excessive weight and then suffers physical deformations.

    Another harmful substance in pork is the “trichina” worm. This is frequently found in pork and when it enters the human body, it settles directly in the muscles of the heart and represents a possibly fatal threat. Even though it is now technically possible to identify pigs that are infected with trichina, no such methods were known in earlier centuries. That means that everyone who ate pork risked infection by trichina and possible death.

    All these reasons are just a part of the wisdom in our Lord’s prohibition on the consumption of pork. Moreover, this commandment of our Lord’s provides complete protection from the harmful effects of pork under any conditions.

    Until the 20th century, it was impossible to be aware of the danger posed to human health by pork. The fact that the Qur’an, revealed fourteen centuries ago, warns against this harm which has been incontrovertibly revealed with modern medical equipment and biological tests, is one of the miracles demonstrating that the Qur’an is the revelation of Allah, the Omniscient. Despite all the precautionary measures and inspections that take place in modern-day pig rearing, the fact that pork is physiologically incompatible with the human body and is a variety of meat harmful to human health has not altered.

    Harun Yahya

  33. Mohammed the Prophet Says:

    Hmmm….another cut and paste from a demented islamic website without any citation. This is called something…..um…..oh yeah, PLAGIARISM.

    Good to see that you still can’t think for yourself, Sol. I’m sure if someone convinced you that Allah wanted you to strap dynamite to yourself and run into a crowded market and explode it, you’d do it.

    Now THAT’S faith.

  34. Mohammed the Prophet Says:


    1. Is there a creator for everything in the universe?
    2. Who made the creator?

  35. solomon Says:

    Dear Mohammed the Puppet,

    Allah don’t ask his subjects to do those silly things that you thought of.

  36. Mohammed the Prophet Says:

    Right. Just silly things that HE thinks of.

    Thanks for the clarification.

  37. solomon Says:

    They just can’t escape from their skepticism…..mmm…